Spy Legacy Goggles Review

Spy Legacy Goggle ReviewRyan Ariano Testing the Spy Legacy Goggle at Grand Targhee Resort | Photo Mountain Weekly News

Spy’s Legacy Goggle is truly an amazing set of eye protection, with the best lens change I’ve ever experienced and a truly wide view. Plus their status as the OG of snowboard goggles with a look sure to stand out and a style that can leave no doubt as to your hunger for the hill.

Spy Legacy Lens

Grand Teton Snowboarding

Ryan Ariano Wearing the Spy Legacy Goggles High in the Tetons | Photo Mountain Weekly News

Spy’s Legacy starts with its lens, incorporating their patented Happy Lens Tech so that the world is truly clear with all the contrast in the world. Their Anti-fog ARC dual lens not only works amazingly to keep the views clear, it also guarantees a wide field of vision. Yet they’re not massive, bug eyed goggles like Spy’s old goggles, and like seemingly everybody else’s goggles today. They line up with the best helmets (I threw them on my POC helmet). But what I really loved? About the easiest lens change I’ve ever tried.

Swapping Lens Replacement On Snow

Spy Legacy Lens

How to Swap Spy Legacy Lenses | Photo Mountain Weekly News

The Spy Legacy Goggle comes with an extra lens so you have one for bluebird days and one for Targhee whiteouts. A few years ago I heralded Native’s (now-defunct) goggles for their quick lens exchange. But the Legacy Goggle has a very simple lens exchange based on one simple button so you could possibly change it out with one finger. It’s simple – hit the button on the left to loosen the lens. Pull it over. And off the plastic hook on the other side of the frame. Put in the new one by hooking the little bracket over the right side, then click it back down onto the buttoned side.

I rocked these goggles first on a bright bluebird day with family. The kind of memorable day you don’t want to miss a second of. Then again on a day when the rime was building up on the goggles and I had to continually wipe off, which happened without a single scratch. I was able to change goggles to adapt to everything that crazy Targhee days could throw at me. And on a day where we descended from a bluebird backcountry pinnacle into a cloud holding thick over the valley, one lens could handle it all.

Overall Impression

Snowboarder in Powder

Ryan Ariano Wearing the Spy Legacy Goggle | Photo Mountain Weekly News

Unmatched contrast, inimitable style (amazing how everybody in line at the life is wearing one of, like, 2 square-ass brands), superb clarity and toughness but greatest of all: the ability to change lenses so easily that you actually do that when the day calls for it is what you get with the Spy Legacy Goggle ($229.95).

Performance, endurance, steeze and ease. That’s Spy’s Legacy, for now and forever. So good they made our list of best snowboard goggles for 2021.

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