Stio Azura Jacket Review

Stio Azura XT Men's Ski Jacket Review

It has been quite the winter here in Colorado.  We had record cold days with temps down to -40f. You can’t just stop playing in the hills when it gets cold, at least I didn’t and the Stio Azura XT Jacket was in the pack and on the body for all of those days.

Stio Azura XT Jacket Review

Usually, as in when it’s in the 20s*, I skin with my soft shell and a base layer with tech tee, venting allows the sweat to escape. This winter I found that I was using extra layers, like a fleece or two base layers. When it’s ten below and you have 4 miles of trail breaking what are you supposed to do? Regular down gets wet from sweat and doesn’t work. There were many days when this polyester/primaloft puffy was just the ticket for success.

I usually wear a large but got a medium this time. This size worked great for layering it like a sweater under my jacket. But it’s still large enough to wear over all my layers too. This is great when it’s super cold and you don’t want to take off your jacket to put the down on underneath. The hood is large enough to get over my ski helmet. The cuffs are a little tight and make it a little difficult to get over work gloves. When it’s really cold, the large cuff of my mitts has a much easier time keeping the cold and snow out.

Mens Ski Jacket from Stio

Stio Durability

The first day I went out with the Azua Jacket I was working around radio equipment. I tore it walking by some exposed metal bolts. It was just a small tear but it proves I can’t have nice things. A little duct tape fixed the issue. For the next 3 months, I skied with it on the outside and inside, I toured with it through dark woods, breaking trail and bashing branches. It stood up to the abuse, only failing on sharp metal that first day.

I love how many pockets the Stio Azura XT Jacket has and their placement. With a pack on it can be tough to utilize the traditional pocket placement seen on other jackets, but the Azua pockets are just high enough and the chest pocket makes getting what you need most very easy. The inside pocket is made of mesh which I don’t like or trust, but it stood up to the abuse.

Men's Stio Azura

The styling is also solid and looks as good in town as it functions on the mountain. I highly recommend the Stio Azura XT Jacket for all your winter needs.

Stio Azura Jacket

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