Stio Men’s Environ Jacket Review

Thomas testing the Stio Environ Jacket, Photo | Mountain Weekly News

I put the Stio Environ Jacket through its paces on a chilly overnight tour, stormy skinning, rainy hikes (without a board), and a warm, sticky morning hike up Mt. Bachelor. Find out how the jacket performed below :

Stio Environ Jacket Review

Let’s start with the pros. Stio’s waterproofing system, Toraydelfy, held up to all sorts of terrible weather, keeping me dry even when the flakes turned to water the moment they hit my jacket. Things can get pretty hairy here in the Pacific Northwest but the Environ shut out everything.

As a new company (started in 2012), Stio faces a lot of established competition in the outerwear game, but with the Environ they are doing their best to create a bombproof jacket.

Really, it has all the bells and whistles. Sealed seams, waterproof zippers, powder skirt, enough pockets you might lose your keys in them. It’s obvious they’ve put some thought into creating a durable jacket that you can wear in the backcountry but is also stellar for lift service extravaganzas. Nothing is worse than a jacket that impedes a smooth, buttery turn, and I was glad this jacket allows for a solid range of motion.

The medium jacket was great without a lot of layers underneath, but it got a bit tight with my puffy on, so I’d suggest sizing up if you like to bulk up for the downhill. Have I mentioned this thing is durable yet? It might be able to stop a bullet and can definitely stand up to rocky scrambles.

Thomas rocking the Stio Environ Jacket on a deep NW day. Photo | Mountain Weekly News

Thomas rocking the Stio Environ Jacket on a deep NW day. Photo | Mountain Weekly News

Other than the size running a bit small, my biggest complaint is a lack of breathability. It was like the Everglades inside my jacket when I had to wear the shell while skinning. Granted, nothing got in, but nothing got out, either. The fabric is super durable, so you have to give up some amount of breathability to ensure the jacket doesn’t tear if you hit a tree branch.

However, the pit zips are huge, so they balance out some, but I still hope future versions of this shell get a bit more airflow through the fabric because I’m not really one to own different jackets for different weather patterns. Most days, this jacket kicks ass, it’s just a little hot on warmer ones or strenuous skin tracks.

Overall Impression

This was the first I’ve heard of Stio and I’m impressed that a company so young that also focuses on street clothes can pump out such strong gear. With a few tweaks, the Stio Environ Jacket ($425.00) could be one of the better options on the market, especially once they’ve dialed in the right combination of waterproof, breathable, and bombproof.


Stio Environ Jacket
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