Strafe Nomad Bib Review

Strafe Nomad Pants Ski Review

Strafe Nomad Bibs are an impressive piece of skiing equipment. When it comes to ski pants, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to keeping you skiing well. The days when all that was needed was something to keep you dry have passed.

Strafe Nomad Bib Review

The Strafe Nomad Bib is a prime example of this. They are made of a soft, somewhat stretchy nylon that indeed keeps you dry, but the features that are built into these pants are exceptional. I tried these out in conjunction with the Nomad Jacket in the Wind River Mountains of Wyoming.

My day started with nice long skin and the 15-inch zippers on either thigh worked great at regulating my temperature. They come with nice zipper pulls which made it very easy to open and close without taking my gloves off. The design of these pants allows for a full range of motion and they were very comfortable the entire time.

The powder cuffs on the Strafe Nomad Pants are nice because they are basically a “no frills” design. They don’t have a bunch of extra stuff where it is not needed. The interior powder cuff simply fits over the top of your ski boot and is held in place nicely by an elastic band. There is no fancy Velcro adjustment or opening, just a cuff that stays put and keeps snow out of the top of your boots. The outer cuff has two snaps that allow for some simple adjustment on how tight you want them on your boots and a short zipper that allows you to open the cuff for boot removal. This simple design works great and there were no issues at all.

I was also impressed with the pockets in these pants. The two side pockets are both large and fleece-lined so that your hands were very comfortable when not wearing gloves. There are also two rear pockets instead of one like many pants have. Just in case you are spending the day riding the lifts, there is also a pocket on the right thigh that would allow easy access to anything inside while riding the chair.

These pants repelled any precipitation very nicely and kept me dry the entire day. The Nomad is built to handle extremely inclement weather, especially when combined with the Nomad Jacket. All of the zippers and seams were fully taped to keep moisture out. The waist has adjustable Velcro straps on either side that are very long and allow for a good amount of adjustment. The belt loops also have snaps built in that connect with the powder skirt of the Strafe Nomad Jacket to create a seamless system that keeps all snow out no matter how deep it is.

As if that is not enough, the Nomad Pant also has a removable bib that easily zips on and off. This bib adds another foot of protection up your back and a good 10 inches of protection in the front as well as two additional stash pockets and built-in suspenders to keep everything riding in the correct spot. These pants also appear to be very durable. The material on the inside of the ankles reminded me of Kevlar, it has lots of small little beads that appear to be very tough so I wasn’t afraid of my edges slicing any material.

Overall Impression

Finally, when nature called, it was nice to have a large zipper in the front that allowed for quick and easy access. Overall the Strafe Nomad Bib Pant ($479) performed exceptionally. Everything about it seemed to be well thought out and simple which created a carefree ski pant that allowed your mind to think about other things. You are also going to be hard-pressed to find a more stylish pant on the mountain. The color scheme with the front zippers and the logo look very nice while creating easy lines without extra hoopla to try and attract attention.

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