Swix Sonic Pro Trail Carbon 120 Trekking Pole Review

Swix Sonic Trail Pro Poles

After today’s hike in the mountains one thing is for certain I will always make sure to have a good pair of hiking, trekking, walking poles by my side. I have been testing out the Swix Sonic Pro Trail Carbon 120 Trekking Pole in the Bridger Teton National Forest just outside the town of Jackson, WY for the past month.

Swix Sonic Pro Trail Carbon Review

Swix Sonic Trail Pro Poles Review

So far so good, the Swix Sonic Trail Carbon are some of the most lightweight poles on the market designed specifically for moving through mountainous terrain. Wondering just how light these poles are? How does 335g sound, the 120 cm length pole come in weighting under 1 lb with an exact weight of 0.73 lb. I have never considered trail running with poles, however, the Swix Sonic would surely work wonders.

Swix Sonic Trail Poles
What about the grip? Swix is using cork material for the grips on the Sonic Pro Trail Poles. With cork you get a soft, almost spongy feeling that works wonders when you find yourself really gripping into the poles. The cork grips almost seem to move with your hand offering a very natural fit and feel, toss in the comfort straps which are easy to adjust on the fly and this pole is just about perfect.

The Swix Sonic Pro Trail is literally chock full of rad features including the Flexi basket system that combines a hard metal tip and a Swix rubber knob that can handle just about anything and everything you can throw at these poles. When you plant the Sonic Pro into the ground with its rubber tips the added confidence with each step is apparent. These poles have made me a believer, everyone knows you have to have good footwear in the mountains, we should all add a solid set of poles to that list too, like the Swix Sonic Pro Trail Carbon 120 Trekking Pole.

Swix Flexi Basket

The poles can break down in size to a length of 39 cm, which makes these easy to toss inside your backpack or to hook to the outside of your pack, however, why bother? You will most likely want these poles with you for each step you take. Mom if you are reading this, these would be great to walk around the city or even the beach as well.

Overall Impression

Overall these poles are 95% perfect. The only thing I would like to see improved would be a larger area atop the poles to place my hand as the surface at the top of the cork handle is on the smaller side. However, most people will not likely hold their poles here, as the handle has numerous places to hold onto via cork and even rubber below.

Swix Pole Grips

These poles will work for just about any and every adventure you can throw at them. With an affordable retail price of $159.99 and 71 years experience in making gear for adventurers skiers and mountaineers, be sure to keep the Swix brand on your radar.

Swix Sonic Trail Carbon Pole
Waiting for product details ...

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