Take a Trip to the Moon with the Ticket to the Moon Hammock

Ticket to the Moon Hammock in Mountains

We found one hammock company that will take your camping trip out of this world! Ticket To The Moon not only makes killer products (and a wide range of them) but TTTM also supports our global outdoor community. Ticket To The Moon Hammocks are some of the best eco-friendly hammocks and accessories.

Ticket To The Moon Hammock Review

Lightweight & Durable. You cannot find another lightweight hammock that packs away into such a small space. You can stuff this entire hammock away into a pocket if you really needed to and all the while, it’s there when you need it. Strong, foldable and ready to hold you in under a minute! Made with climate tested nylon fabric, the TTTM hammock also features elasticity, so it hugs your curves perfectly. Every hammock includes a 10-year warranty.

Nautical Ropes. While these pre-knotted nautical ropes are sold separately, they are load tested to carry up to 440 pounds! Ideal for making your hammock fit for two. Each pair includes a tiny stash pouch.

Ticket to the Moon Hammock

Tree-Friendly Straps. Only a Ticket To The Moon hammock would include tree-friendly straps. You can thank the natives in Bali for this idea. Made 100% adjustable, the straps feature smooth mounting points so that you don’t have to worry about harming tree bark, or killing the tree you’re swing from. Nice.

Hammock Tarp. Who likes to camp when it’s raining anyway… ME! If you are like me, you don’t let a little weather stand in the way of your outdoor time. TTTM’s accessory line includes a handy-dandy hammock tarp so that you can sleep under rain, without feeling a drop.

Hanging Kit. Ticket To The Moon didn’t forget that not all outdoorsmen are created equal. That’s why they added a complete hanging kit with everything you need to set up your hammock, wherever you adventure. Kit includes Hangers, Bolts, Rope Slings, Installation Instructions. Don’t forget to bring a few tools though. You will need a drill, 3/8” drill bit, 17 mm wrench and a hammer for installation.

360° Mosquito Net. In Indonesia, mosquitos are more than just a buzzing pest – they are potentially deadly. Ticket To The Moon accessories are the only hammock line that includes this type of netting. Made with 81 holes per centimeter, this mosquito net has been tested and approved in high-risk malaria zones. We highly recommend you pick one up.

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Overall Impression

When you go online or to a hammock store to purchase a lounger for sleeping or sitting, there are a lot of options. With so many to choose from, which is the best hammock? Well… that’s easy! Ticket To The Moon hammocks are part of a relief project started in 2006, by European and Indonesian travelers on a remote part of Western Indonesia called Sumba.

Here, residents have no access to water or electricity and the native tribes still struggle to provide for their families with an income primarily based off of agriculture and fishing. With only small crops, yearly harvests are simply not enough.

Ticket To The Moon teamed up with local tribes in Mandorak County on the small island of Sumba, Indonesia to help residents there not just live… but thrive.

With every Ticket To The Moon Hammock ($39.95), your purchase, you support the lives, health and ancestral preservation of Indonesian culture. Join the TTTM Tribe!

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Take a Trip to the Moon with the Ticket to the Moon Hammock

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