The North Face Men’s Flight Better Than Naked Jacket Review

North Face RKT Jacket Review

Have you been looking for a rain jacket that can stow in the smallest of places? Well, you found it in The North Face RKT Flight Jacket.  When packed down this ultralight rain jacket is about the same size as a small pair of binoculars.

Designed by TNF ultrarunner Rob Krar the RKT Flight Jacket obviously works for trail running, but what about hiking and boating.  With a Nylon ripstop material, the RKT Jacket easily blocks wind and is pretty darn waterproof.

The North Face Flight RKT Jacket Review

RKT Jacket Size

Now keep in mind this jacket is meant for going light and fast if you plan to sit in a torrential downpour in colder temperatures this jacket is not for you.  That being said anyone that runs, spends time on the water or just likes to have gear available for every outing, The North Face Men’s Flight RKT Jacket is a wonderful addition to your outerwear collection.

Weighting only (basically nothing, we contacted TNF to get the actual weight, think feathers here..) 2.8 ounces

The RKT Flight Jacket can be worn without ever noticing it’s on, better yet the weight of the jacket is undetected when tossed inside your backpack, attached to your hip or even stuffed inside a PFD on the river.

During a recent river trip, there was a potential of heavy afternoon rain on Day 1.  I simply stuffed the RKT Jacket inside one of the PFD pockets and forgot it was there until it started to pour.  While everyone else was scrambling to find their rain jackets I took the North Face RKT Jacket out of my pocket, unzipped it, put it on and within seconds was protected from the elements including heavy wind and rain.

This is a piece of gear that’s hard to leave home while going adventuring. Heck the RKT Jacket can fit inside your glove box with plenty of room to spare.

Pros: Lightweight

Cons: Ripstop Durability

Being made of 100% Nylon ripstop The North Face Men’s Flight Jacket is not designed for bushwhacking.  The North Face makes plenty of other more durable gear that can take a beating, however for the cost and the weight it’s impossible to find anything that can compare to the performance of the RKT Flight Jacket.

Overall Impression

North Face Running Jacket

Where the Nylon rocks are when it comes to stuffing the jacket back into the chest pocket.  The ripstop material easily fits inside and thanks to a heavy-duty zipper you won’t have to worry about much snagging. When packed down the RKT Jacket can and will fit anywhere, which is especially rad when stuffing the jacket into any nook and cranny you can find.  There will always be room to bring The North Face RKY Jacket along with you.

If you run in the spring, summer, and fall and have been known to spent time outdoors when the weather is iffy The North Face Men’s RKT Flight Jacket ($160) is a solid investment.  Oh and best of all it comes with The North Face lifetime warranty.

The North Face Men’s Flight Better Than Naked Jacket

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