Thomson Elite Dropper Review

Thomson Elite Dropper Seatpost

Thomson has been long known as one the best seat post manufacturers in the bike industry and we’re happy to report that the Thomson Elite Dropper Seatpost stands up to this reputation.

The Thomson Elite Dropper functions flawlessly, moving up and down smoothly and offering infinite travel along the way (up to 125mm), allowing the rider to match seat height to any terrain on the fly. When returning from a lowered position to full extension, the seat post is quick-as-lightning and once a desired position is reached, the seatpost locks firmly into place, removing any fear of slippage.

Thomson Elite Dropper Seatpost

Thomson Elite Dropper Seatpost Review

Beautiful design continues with the lever used to actuate the seatpost. The Thomson Elite Dropper lever is the most minimal and most ergonomic on the market. The implications of this are great, as the no-bulk lever can be positioned either inside or outside brakes and shifters and titled within a 45-degree range, allowing the rider to create their perfect handlebar cockpit setup. (Note that this is not the case with Rockshox as their seatpost actuation mechanism is a button as opposed to a lever, and it’s hard to find a good placement for the button because of its design.)

Thomson Elite Dropper Seatpost vs Rockshox Button

As if the brilliant functionality and design of the Thomson Elite seat post weren’t reason enough to buy, we were astonished by the amount our riding ability increased with the upgrade. Suddenly, descents that seemed unconquerable were now ridden with ease. We gained precious speed on rolling terrain that we formally hadn’t taken the time to stop and lower our seat on and were even faster on the uphill because we could position the seat as high as possible without fear of being too high up when the terrain suddenly changed. The Thomson Elite seat dropper post gave us much more confidence and made for a much more fun ride. All in all, switching our static Thomson post for the Elite Dropper was the best upgrade we ever made.



Overall Impression

If you’re thinking about getting a dropper seatpost, don’t think anymore– just do it. Get the Thomson Elite Dropper over any others too. The only reason RockShox is more prevalent than Thomson in the seatpost market is because it’s slightly cheaper and because Rockshox has deals with manufacturers using their suspension so that their seatpost comes on many new bikes too.

Overall, however, if you’re not getting a new bike and have the option to decide which seatpost to go with, buy the Thomson Elite Dropper ($499)– it will be the best decision you ever made.

Thomson Elite Dropper Seatpost
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