Thunder Trucks Hollow Light Review

Thunder Hollow Lights Trucks

The Thunder Hollow Lights were definitely quite a bit lighter than my clunky Indies. From what I know, that’s their main draw. Unlike a pro, I rarely wear through or break a pair of trucks to the point of replacement. If I invest in a new pair of trucks, it’s because I want a new pair of trucks not because I need them. And that’s why I swapped mine out for a pair of Thunder Hollow Lights Trucks recently.

Smooth Turning

The Thunder Hollow Lights Trucks rocked as far as maneuverability goes. Turning is super smooth and quick and the support is solid. They even sort of made hard landings a little bit softer. And, as far as actual grinds go, they slid well no matter what kind of material I was grinding on metal, concrete, wood, plastic, etc.

I’ve never been much of a technical skater, preferring to spend my time in the bowl at the skatepark or on funky little ledges and banks and shit around town, so the lightness didn’t really mean as much to me as it might to someone who is doing a lot of flip tricks and so on.

The only drawback that I did notice is that they wore out kind of quick. After a little under a month of use, they’re already almost as worn down as my Indies are after more than a year of abuse. However, the Thunder’s still ride just as well…it’s probably only a looks thing.

Overall Impression

The Thunder Hollow Lights ($55) are great skateboarding trucks for anyone who is all about keeping things as light as possible. They slide well, they’re durable, and they turn great. There really are no negatives. It’s all a matter of personal preference, I suppose.

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