Toad&Co Leggings Debug Trail Tights Review

Toad & Co. Women's Debug Trail Tight Review

Snow, rain, wind, ocean, rock, and sun. I’ve put my Toad&Co Debug Trail Leggings through the wringer over the past few weeks: working and running outside in the wintry mix of a Teton Spring, sea kayaking off the coast of Mexico, and recently I took them to City of Rocks in south-central Idaho. They’re possibly the most versatile single piece of clothing I own and have become my favorite.

Toad&Co. Debug Trail Tight – Women’s

They’re UPF 40+ rated, which I tested under that Mexico sun (I’m basically albino soo…). I also tested the mosquito repellent in Mexico. My upper body got covered with bites one day while my legs stayed pristine in the leggings. I’ve always been the gal in the group to get attacked. I like to think it’s because I’m sweet, but itchy bumps, bites, and welts can be avoided without harsh chemical sprays. Even in City of Rocks a day after camping in a snowstorm, I found bites on my arms and my ankles. Legs: untouched.

Climbing in Toad & Co. Debug Trail Pants

As a new climber, I found the thickness and texture to be a comforting guard on the rocks but they held up great rubbing against the hard granite, too. In the snow, they served as a great underlayer (or even just rocking them on a warmer ski day). What really blew me away was how in the Sayulita sun they never felt too hot.

The leggings are full length but have two back pockets (all my girlfriends noticed that immediately) and a secure stash pocket. That comes in super handy when you have a three-year-old in tow on adventures or when you’re carrying keys, cell phone, etc… Why has nobody else done this on leggings? Because they’re not Toad&Co.

Toad & Co. Women's Debug Trail Tight

Toad&Co is Eco-Friendly

Finally, they came in a recyclable bag made out of recycled materials. Toad & Co. is a member of 1% for the planet and the Conservation Alliance with a long history of contributing to environmental causes. They make these clothes to last so that you won’t be throwing more fibers into the junkheap every couple of months. Knowing your money goes to a product that will last for a long time and a company that’s literally trying to save the world makes you feel even more proud to rock their clothes.

I highly recommend these leggings for anything and everything you may do. They provide the type of supportive, functional coverage and quality materials we women need to feel great about our bodies while at the time feeling comfortable sending it. Their technical materials make them like armor for your legs. And with their commitment to the environment you know you’re supporting something bigger than just clothes.

No matter what you wear leggings for (or, if like most women I know, you wear them for practically everything), they’re worth the price and more. I can guarantee the Toad&CO Leggings ($89.00) will become a staple in your pack and your dresser like they have in mine.

Toad&Co. Debug Trail Tight - Women's
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