Toad&Co Drover Denim Review

Toad&CO Drover Review

Toad&Co is firing on all cylinders. They make insane outdoor adventure gear, ranging from jackets and leggings to a life-changing camp hammock. But then they also make jeans with the style of a Hollywood hipster and the functionality of a NOLs instructor.

To nail every aspect of the outdoor life, from the random to the daily, is a feat plenty of outdoor companies strive for but few achieve. Put simply, T&C is poised for global domination. Mark your calendars.

The Denim Multi-Tool

The Men’s Drover from Toad&Co is more than just another pair of jeans; it’s a denim multi-tool. Sure, like any straight-leg dark denim they’re perfect for balling at a concert or you can put on your nicest black skate shoes, that one sportcoat you own and make your way to the business casual apres-ASR soiret to get work done. But then you can go out and recreate in them without the normal restriction and lack of durability of your average jeans.

If you’re a person with a serious fiending for the outdoors, your work life and your play life overlap. You need some gear that does the same. The spandex and burly organic cotton double-stitched together and married to some serious street style denim has got you covered.

Word to the wise, though: go small. I’m a 34 in every other pair of pants, shorts, etc… I own but got these in 32 and they’re perfect.

Toad&Co Active Lifestyle Jeans

Toad&CO Drover Pant Skateboard Pants

To check out that blend of form and active life function, there’s no better test than doing work at your local skate park. Though jumping on a trampoline is a good test too. Maybe do some yoga. Yeah, I got all that in these jeans, and hit up the concert where we somehow ended up in the hallowed Red Rocks tunnel with the DJs, and rocked them on a camping trip, and a trip to the tattoo parlor; hiking with the kid, scrambling in the Big Holes. Pretty much almost every cool thing I did this summer, I did in Toad&Co’s Drovers. Maybe get 2 pairs – when you wear one jean for everything work and play, it’s good to have a rotation.

Skateboarder in Jean Pants

Seriously, I don’t have a single other pant as stylish, rugged and flexible as these. The Toad&Co Drovers ($89.95) are an essential for the outdoorsman and board addict living life too fast for wardrobe changes, the man who also knows one great adage: Going big only works if you look stylish doing it.

Man doing Yoga in Jeans

Toad&Co Drover Pant
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