Top 10 Men’s Flannels for 2022

Men's Flannel Shirts

Let’s be real: Flannel is the material of the winter gods. You can sleep in it, walk in it, ski in it, party in it. The best men’s flannel shirts are tactical, comfortable, reliable, and quite frankly, soul soothing.  Snag one for yourself or share it with someone you love.

Best Flannels for Men

Burton Snowboard Flannel

Burton Brighton Insulated Flannel

First of all, Burton gives this thing a lifetime warranty. Seriously, so you know it’s great quality. The Burton Brighton Insulated Flannel is like a snowboarder’s dream — it has handwarmer pockets, a zip front, and is made from 100% organic cotton with a quilted lining. Go for the Castlerock Plaid if you’re the laid back type, or they offer a few other louder colors for a bit more visibility.

-You might already own this, if not you should

Price: $69.95

Men's Fjallraven Singi Flannel, Blue Checkered

Fjallraven Singi Flannel Shirt

Fjallraven is known for clean lines and nordic style, and the Singi Flannel holds up to their high standards. It’s a heavy cotton flannel with moisture wicking, so great for temperature fluctuations, and is especially recommended for hiking. With roll up sleeves, a button down collar, and classic checked patterns, this is the type of flannel you buy to last 5+ years..

– We love style

Price: $109.95

Men's Black Diamond Benchmark Flannel Checkerd

Black Diamond Benchmark Flannel Shirt

The Black Diamond Benchmark Flannel is made with 100%organic cotton — so it’s perfect for anyone seeking lightweight comfort and breathability. The Benchmark is a class act, meaning it looks good whether hanging around town or out for a hike/climb/fishing trip. This Black Diamond Flannel sports the classic chest pockets and a regular fit, and I’m personally into the Anthracite/Alloy Plaid, which is subtle enough for the transition from winter into spring.

– Lightweight multi use nice fit

Price: $84.95

Men's Filson Alaskan Guide Flannel

Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt

* cue Tom Hanks in the ocean screaming “FIIIILLLSSSSSOOOOONNNNN” *

Seriously though, Filson is the real deal. We love their hunting gear and the Filson Alaskan Guide Shirt is super versatile. It’s a midweight flannel with a long hem, meaning it’s comfortable, protective against wind and the elements, but also chill enough to wear for daily use. Whether hunting, fishing, or wearing casually over another tee, it’s tight weave will keep you warm ‘n toasty.

– We love their hunting gear

Price: $135.00

California Cowboy Flannel

California Cowboy High Sierra Flannel

California Cowboy describes this flannel as “unicorn soft.” Need I say more? But actually, I must say more. This shirt not only has thermal lining, like, the incredible waffle-material kind, but it also features a dry pocket, a glove and sunglasses loop, and a beer pocket. A. Beer. Pocket. Where is this beer pocket, you ask? Discreetly on the back right side of the shirt. It comes in a bunch of patterns and colors, from bright to soft, so definitely go snag one to ride out the rest of the winter.

– We love beer

Price: $148.00


Men's Volcom Flannel Shirt

Volcom CADEN Flannel

I love the way Volcom does the cross-pocket-plaid on this shirt, meaning the pattern intersects at a different angle. Somehow, it just makes everyone look like a knowledgeable badass. I guess that’s what Volcom is all about, really. Surf/Snow clout. The Volcom Caden Flannel runs slightly slim and comes in a heavyweight flannel — so looks super great buttoned all the way up or worn open on a warmer day.

-Because you surf or skate

Price: $59.99

Flylow Gear Men's Flannel

Flylow Handlebar Tech Flannel Shirt

The Handlebar Tech Flannel is the perfect mid-layer. It’s unlike anything else on this list — I love that it has snap buttons and is made from polyester, offering mega comfort-stretch and moisture wicking.

-The new standard in outdoor gear

Price: $89.95

L.L. Bean Men's Flannel

L.L. Bean Men’s Scotch Plaid Flannel

Maybe it’s just because I’m an east-coaster, but The L.L. Bean Scotch Plaid Flannel will forever be my go-to. I’ve literally had the same one for ten years, which I got at a Goodwill in Maine — and the thing has somehow held up through countless camping trips, fishing days, and Sundays around the house. For those looking for the casual flannel you can smash into any bag last minute, this is the one. And its definitely unisex, whether they advertise it that way or not! Hell yeah.

-Maine’s finest attire

Price: $49.95

Woolrich Trout Run Buffalo Shirt

Woolrich is all about the classics — and the Trout Run flannel was originally created in 1940 and STILL looks amazing. Crafted from 100% cotton, it’s a lightweight flannel with a loose, comfortable fit. It also features their Buffalo Check pattern, which was invented by Woolrich back in 1850. If you’re a history nerd like me, this is definitely the flannel for you.

– Everything comes back in style

Price: $59.99

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