Top Rain Jackets 2019

Best Rain Jackets Men 2019

A good rain jacket can be a critical piece of equipment in your arsenal and make the difference between an enjoyable outing and utter misery. We’ve tested many jackets through the wet Pacific Northwest (actually Southwest (of Canada/BC) weather along with the Tetons and narrowed down some of the best rain jackets out there to keep you comfortable and dry through those late-summer squalls.

Owyhee River Rain Storm

The Best Rain Jackets for Men

Arc’teryx Alpha SV Jacket – ($785)

If you find yourself in extreme weather and need the best protection from the elements possible this is the jacket for you. Featuring highly durable waterproofing that Arc’teryx is known for, this jacket will keep you dry through the worst weather you can imagine while still offering reasonable breathability. Ideal for those on expeditions or working hard no matter the weather, this jacket won’t let you down. [Purchase: $785]

Norrona Falketind Jacket – ($469)

Coming in at a slightly lower price-tag, but still offering excellent waterproofing and breathability is the Falketind Jacket. The 20D GORE-TEX® will keep you dry, and the Norwegian styling will keep you looking fly through alpine and forest environments. [Purchase: $469]

686 Paclite Jacket – ($300)

If you’re looking for a more casual look, but don’t want to skimp on the waterproofing, the Paclite Jacket from 686 will do the trick. The GORE-TEX® PACLITE® plus DWR will keep you dry on the inside for a long time while being easy to pack up for when the rain eventually clears. As a bonus, the included removable straps can let you quickly pull this jacket off without packing it away so you can cool off quickly while hiking, etc. Another bonus for those warmer wet weather days is the large front vent pockets. Add it all up and you have a sleek and versatile jacket ready for anything your adventure throws at you. [Purchase: $300]

Patagonia 3L Torrentshell – ($129)

Another lightweight option in the rainy weather protection is the 3L Torrent Shell. As you would expect from Patagonia, this jacket is made with 100% recycled nylon face fabric, making your comfort come at less of a cost to the environment you are enjoying. While not a GORE-TEX® garment, Patagonia’s H2No® DWR shell will keep you comfortable through most mild downpours, as long as there is some warmth on the inside to keep the temperature gradient pushing humidity outwards. This is our editor’s pick for the best rain jackets of the year. [Purchase: $129]

The North Face Resolve 2 Jacket – ($109)

Coming in at a reasonable price, but lacking the extreme weather capability of the previously mentioned jackets, the Resolve 2 will protect you from moderate rain at a budget. DryVent 2L shell will be able to repel water for a moderate amount of time but will falter as the humidity rises and the jacket’s outer fabric wears out. Featuring mild styling, stash-able hood, and a mesh liner, you’ll be dry and will fit in on the rainy streets of Seattle or Portland, but lacking the longevity of a more refined jacket. [Purchase: $109]

Marmot Minimalist Jacket – ($189)

Also featuring  GORE-TEX® PACLITE®, the Marmot Minimalist will provide excellent water repellent with a bonus 100% recycled finish. While not quite as minimalist as some of the other items shown here, the 15 oz weight will be well worth it when the raindrops start to accumulate. Simple styling and slim-fitting, this is a no-nonsense rain jacket that will do its job for years to come. [Purchase: $189]

Frogg Toggs Pilot 2 Jacket – ($189)

Featuring DriPore Gen 2 waterproof fabric with 15,000 mm waterproofing and DWR, this jacket is also among casual rainwear but designed with a more robust outer and some insulation and plenty of breathability. Best suited to colder weather and/or light rain, this jacket will be a reliable addition to the wardrobe with a lifetime warranty from Frog Toggs. [Purchase: $189]

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