Top 5 Womens Ski Boots for 2021

Womens Ski Boots

These our picks for the best women’s ski boots of 2020  Most of which come with the ability to hike/walk and a great for backcountry skiing to intermediates and everyone in-between.

Here’s our picks for best women’s ski boots:

Best Women’s Ski Boots

Womens Atomic Hawk Ski Boot

Atomic Hawx Ultra 110 W

Atomic Hawx Ultra is the narrow fitting ski boot by Atomic. The boot is one of the lighter models on the market with plastic that’s highly moldable, which means the boot can be heated and expand around the user’s foot, giving a great custom fit option. Due to the highly customizable nature of the plastic that Atomic uses in the Hawx Ultra, this boot can be stretched to fit someone with a medium or wider foot within reason. The performance factor of the Atomic Hawx Ultra 11 top-notch and one of the better ski boots on the market.  If you are looking for a hard-charging, lightweight and comfortable boot with a performance fit the Atomic Hawx Ultra 115 is the boot to get.

Price: $599.99

Womens Lange Ski Boots

Lange RX 110 W

Lange RX 100W refers to Low Volume or Narrow fit from Lange, the RX LV is your traditional alpine boot from Lange. The RX LV model for 2020 uses dual injected plastic which gives the boot a snappy and powerful feel, the boot is full of energy and allows the skier to get the performance and precision needed out of a ski boot. Lange also made improvements to the liner by making it a more women’s specific fit across the shin and calf.  The Heat Moldable liner allows for a custom fit, one of the best women’s ski boots on the market today.

Price: $599.99

Womens Nordica Ski Boots


Nordica Speedmachine 85 W

The Nordica Speed Machine in the Medium Fit and has been one of Nordica’s best-selling ski boots on the market. The Shell is lightweight and customizable and in the high-end liners, Nordica uses cork which makes for a superior fit that doesn’t break down easily over time compared to foam liners. Nordica has brought years of Italian boot designs to the ski boot world and the make a great boot, the Speed machine is definitely a master of the ski hill. The Nordica Speed Machine 85 W is one of Nordica’s best-selling women’s ski boots.

Price: $399.99

Womens Rossignol Pure Ski Boots

Rossignol Pure Elite 70 W

Rossignol makes great women’s ski boots, The Rossignol Pure Elite 70 W is their alpine boot which comes in Narrow fit option. The 70 flex version is great for beginner to intermediate skiers. The Elite is a great ski boot and Rossignol uses a highly customizable liner with a fuzzy faux fur that is both comfy and warm. Speaking of Warm Rossignol makes a version of the of the Pure in a heated version.

Price: $349.95


Womens Tecnica Ski Boots

Tecnica Mach1 MV 95 W

Tecnica has the Mach 1 for their performance resort boot it comes in both LV and MV as well as the Mach Sport for the Wider Fit. Tecnica offers fully customizable liners, that in their higher-end boots allow your boot fitter to stretch and shave the liner for the ultimate fit experience. The shells can be modified as well but Tecnica is the only brand that makes the liner in a way the intricate adjustments can be made first on the liner and then on the shell if needed as well. Either way the Technica Mach1 MV 95 W is one of the best fitting boots out of the box and it skis like a dream.

Price: $399.95

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