Town and Country Continental 26 x 2.1 Review

Town & County Continental Bicycle Tire

Bicycle police around the world use Town and Country tires on their bikes and I now see why. The Town and Country Continental Tire works great at everywhere performing well dirt and gravel. These tires jump curbs with ease zoom through the neighborhoods and stop on a dime.

Town and Country Tire Thread

Heavy-duty puncture resistance rubber allows you to take long rides with ease knowing you won’t have to worry about flats or sidewall issues when using the Continental Town and Country Tire. I feel safe and confident when riding these tires. I cannot imagine riding at night without these tires; they are stable, durable and dependable.

The Continental Town and Country Tire features inverted tread channels designed to grip on asphalt and maintain control when encountering sand and gravel. The Town and Country tire is designed to conquer the city and rule the bike paths too. This tire lives up to its name, the tread on these tires are considered slicks but have enough tread to handle some dirt but are made to take on singletrack or anything too technical.

These tires are great for training, commuting or long-distance rides. This tire is great for all-around use and high mileage use as well. They handle dirt and gravel with ease, but they really shine on the pavement and handle wet roads and rain with ease. Recommended uses Commuting, Road Cycling and maintained dirt roads.

These tires have an amazing grip with a road feel, as well as the sturdy balance of a mountain bike tire. When encountering curbs, rain, gravel or road damage the town and country will handle what you encounter with ease. If you are looking for a tire to handle the road, city bike paths, and some dirt this is a great tire.

Continental Tires

A great hybrid, it is designed to handle the occasional dirt path and isn’t a tradition slick, this tire is a semi slick and handles the majority of the conditions when commuting in the city and the outskirts beyond the city.

The tires are a little squirmy on loose dirt or if you come into to fast when going from pavement to dirt. If you’re looking to what’s currently the Largest Slick or Semi-Slick 26 Tires on the market, be sure to check out the Continental Town and Country Tire ($30)

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