Union Contact Pro Bindings Review

Men's Union Contact Pros

The Union Contact Pro Bindings are an incredibly comfortable and easily adjustable, bindings will make any setup that much more fun and easy to rip in.

Size and Weight

The first thing I noticed about the Union Contact Pro Bindings was their lightweight feel. I’ve been riding long enough to have ridden more than my fair share of heavy and clunky bindings and the Union Contact Pro Bindings are decidedly different.

The Union Contact Pro Snowboarding Bindings come with a plethora of special features. A Contact Pro Base (with lifetime warranty), Dupont Zytel ST, Multi-Density EVA Bushings, and a 3D Direct-Connect Strap System are just the tip of the iceberg. Basically, what all of this jargon translates to is a snowboarding binding that is strong, stable, comfortable, and easy to ride.

Union Contact Pros are the best all-mountain binding one could buy! The Union Contact Pro bindings are based on Union’s Contact binding, has an entirely new and redesigned workhorse for this season. Sure, we all know that Gigi likes to shred the backcountry, but in a conscious effort to make a 100% all-mountain binding, Union and Gigi have collaborated on this binding to make sure that the Contact Pros both float pow and roll through the terrain park with ease.

It starts with one word: CONTACT! Union shrank the base plate on the Contact Pros for this season. The smaller disk plates minimize dead spots, so only five percent of the binding is in direct contact with the board. This creates a smaller footprint, and a smaller footprint allows your board to flex more naturally.

EVA Bushings

The mini-disk system works in tandem with the Multi-Density Eva bushings to nearly eliminate flat spots. The multi-density Eva not only cushions underfoot, but gives support. The bindings help a rider maintain solid control, but leave room for a little play. My friend, who’s riding last year’s Contact Pros, claims he doesn’t like the loose feel of the bindings in certain snow conditions, but riding the 2014 bindings, I haven’t noticed a lack of control or any play that would influence my turns negatively in any way.

The overall feel of the binding is a softer binding, but I find the play to be refreshing and supportive when I need it. As far as control, the asymmetrical high backs really shine in this area. The asymmetrical high backs work well to flex laterally and stay nice and stiff vertically, allowing for maximum leverage over edges and maximum tweak-ability on pokes, grabs, and shiftys! Asymmetrical high backs give maximum support. Turning the high backs to match the angle of stance is a thing of the past. The bindings mimic a rider’s calves for board control, comfort and feel. The overall function and form of the binding make board control effortless and fun.

Overall Impression

The positives outweigh the negatives in every category. I love most everything about the Contact Pros. From the base plates to the ankle/toe straps, this binding does it all and in brilliant fashion. I did have a few days where my right binding ratchet got stuck here or there, and slip, but it was just an adjustment I needed to make; no big deal. So if you love to shred the whole mountain, a versatile binding with some personality, and a custom powerhouse of a base plate, then the Union Contact Pros will meet—neigh—exceed your expectations.

There are few bindings like the Union Contact Pro Bindings ($219) out there. Take your snowboarding to a whole new level this season with your very own pair.

The Contact Pro was a recent winner in our roundup of the best snowboard bindings of the year.

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