Vans Men’s Drill Chore Coat Review

Man with Chainsaw Cutting Wood in Vans Drill CoatVans Drill Coat Test | Photo Mountain Weekly News

Athleisure is so 2016; the thing today is workleisure, and nobody understands how to do work with steeze like Vans with their Drill Chore Coat.

Let’s start by clarifying something: this isn’t a coat. Or more, it’s not JUST a coat. It’s thin enough you could wear it as a shirt in the winter. Or when working in the yard in the winter. But for the shoulder season think fall and spring, there’s no jacket that works better than the Vans Chore Coat. Whether you’re doing work in the field or at the bar.

Vans Drill Chore Coat Material

Vans Chore Coat

Classy Men’s vans Drill Coat | Photo Ryan Ariano Mountain Weekly News

The Vans Drill Chore Coat is old-school tech. Just 100% BCI Cotton canvas with a corduroy collar. Plus the snaps on the front keep it as closed as it can be. The coats rock three nice, well-set pockets and just to let the people know you’re rocking genuine Vans gear, the calling card of a serious board head, there’s a nice tasteful Vans logo on the bottom of the Drill Chore Coat.

Year Round Use

I have a ton of gear I love in the summer; I also have a ton of gear I love in the winter. This is one of the few pieces I rock year-round.

In the summer in the Tetons, I keep the Vans Drill Chore Coat with me at all times when I head out so when the temp drops from 80 to 50, I can get that extra kick of warmth despite the big pressure drop.
In the winter especially, this becomes my chore jacket. Literally. Cutting wood, taking care of the chickens, nothing is better than the Vans Chore Coat for getting things done. Then I head out to the bar and BAM, I’m wearing the same coat. And it works out damn well there too.

Overall Impression

Do you want a super-versatile piece of clothing that can hang with you whether you’re getting chores done or whether you’re meeting new and old friends at the bar? A stylish piece of functional clothing that looks good and can handle the moves and sweat of an afternoon chopping wood or shoveling snow? One of the few jackets that has a place any season of the year? Yeah, if you want that, you need the Vans Drill Chore Coat.

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