Vans Ferra Pro Snowboard Boots Review

Vans Ferra Review

Vans seem to always be on all of the top snowboard boot lists for the season. When you are thinking about new snowboard boots, you should look at what Vans offers.  The Vans Ferra Pro is a medium-stiff flex boot, has a snug fit with both boa and laces. They are loaded with the newest boot technology used to personalize your ride.

Vans Ferra Pro Comfort

Women Hiking in Snowboard Boots

The Vans Ferra Pro Snowboard Boots are designed from the “inside out for ultimate customization”. I could feel the support as soon as I stepped into these boots. Your feet rest on V2 PopCush footbeds that cushion impact from walking to stomping big airs. The PopCush footbed shape provides airflow and arch support. It is a snug fit with purpose. The Ferra Pro liners are heat-moldable V2 UltraCush Smartwool liners that are made with the fancy merino wool to regulate the humidity in your boot for dryer days. I liked how the V2 liners have a harnesses pull system to let you customize your heel hold. It was good to know that the Asymmetrical X-cages which keep your heel deep in the liner are adjustable and removable.  Support at the top of the boot comes from the PowerCuff Strap that can be wrapped around the liner or the exterior tongue whichever provides you better support. I heavily relied on the liner harness, heel lock and the cuff strap to find my preferred level of support. 

Hybrid BOA Lacing


The Vans Ferra Pro then uses a Hybrid Boa system. Using both laces and a Boa closure at the instep, so you can get the boots as tight as you want. I was nervous to leave laces for boa, but I made the change so I could stop re-tying or re-tighten boots all day. Going back to laces with the Ferra Pro is not a step backwards, the laces add to the options in getting your prefered support. You can utilize the different areas, internally through the harness or the exterior boa and laces for whatever support you need that day. I prefer to bootpack with less ankle support and more ankle flex. I prefer to ride with tighter ankle support and through the boa, I could quickly tighten these boots up at the top of the mountain. A snug fit is proven to give you the best feet to board connection, and these boots made riding feel effortless. 

Overall Impression

Women Snowboarding Powder

The women’s Vans Ferra Pro Snowboard Boots ($259.95) were designed by professional women who ride hard. I took them hiking and touring. These boots feel sturdy, are made well and the fit provides a sporty ride. I recommend these to riders looking for a progressive boot. Take your riding to the next level with this stiffer boot that allows you to control where and when you need the support.

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