Venture Storm Snowboard Review

Venture Snowboards Storm Powder Snowboard

This year’s Venture Storm Snowboard is a beast that will only be satiated in deep snow. Waiting in the lift line before riding it, I got the feeling that I was strapped to a missile.

Venture Storm Review

The Venture Storm Snowboard was tad awkward at first because, to be honest, due to the size, it’s very much a surfboard with snowboard edges. In the deep, it can make ones most unfathomable fantasies come true. Without effort, it stays on top of the snow and connects turns smoother than anything I’ve ridden.

The board is heavy and wide and is meant to be operated at higher speeds in the deep. Its edges hold well because of the weight but wouldn’t be ideal in the park to learn new tricks. Its edginess and bulk make for stable, controlling pops and slow, comfortable spins. Its great for riders already sufficient at spinning but wanting to go bigger and slow it down to make smoother and more committed rotations.

It’s not optimal for jibbing or park jumps but it could be used if so desired.

The Storm comes with a soft nose to absorb any bumps in powder fields and a stiff, strong tail to stay on top of the snow. It is a tight flex but has a very interesting pop control.

Maneuvering the Storm is an initial challenge compared to most boards but worth the effort. More exertion is required to do skid slides or skid stops but with carving, the rider can make long, arcing turns, almost like steering a longboard or doing surf turns on a wave. Control can be awkward at first but if the rider takes some time to really feel out a low, centered stance and really focus on the dynamics of body movement to effect board control, a perfect harmony can be reached and snowboarding style progressed. It takes some getting used to if not accustomed to a powder board but once so the rider will feel very comfortable and in control.

It came as a surprise how much control I felt when popping on this board. It makes it feel as simple as pumping a lever to send the board flying. When in the air it stays underfoot as if you were a commanding a skateboard ollie like a pro.

Riding switch can be a challenge. The rider really needs to crank back on that soft, long nose, but it can be ridden switch and its quite an exciting experience.

Overall Impression

This board is what a pirate would select as his sea vessel, it will slice through any vast, tormented and stormy seas with precision and power and will sail smooth seas of powder as a legend. It is heavy, bold and serious and has a firm, controlling pop. Riding switch feels very comfortable and I would love to ride this style deck as my own someday. The Venture Storm Snowboard ($598.95) is for big lines, open faces, and any powder-draped feature.


Venture Storm Snowboard
4 / 5 RATING      

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