Voile Light Rail Splitboard Review

Voile Light Rail Splitboard Binding Photo Mike Hardaker | Mountain Weekly News

The Voile Light Rail Splitboard Bindings are a good step forward for Voile in the binding industry. I had a chance to use them for a few days and I was surprisingly impressed by the Voile Light Rail binding.

Voile Light Rail Bindings Review

The base plate is built using minimal material to save weight. It is yet a very rigid base plate that feels very solid under your foot. I thought it felt stronger than the Spark R & D Magneto base plate that I currently ride.

Unfortunately, Voile is still using an outdated pin system on the Voile Light Rail bindings, it’s annoying but still works.

Lets play put the pin in the hole shall we :)

Let’s play put the pin in the hole shall we 🙂 Photo Mike Hardaker | Mountain Weekly News

Although the high backs look basic and outdated they proved to be a solid thanks to a simple and easy to adjust forward lean lever. I liked the stiffness of the high back the most. You could really feel how apparent this was when cranking into powerful turns. Once again I thought they supported me better than my tried and true Spark R&D bindings…

The straps on the Voile Light Rail bindings are beefy yet basic. The ankle strap cranks down and holds nicely. The toe cap strap was a bit funky at times. It could be the fact that it’s made with a rubber stretch material that goes over your toe. I was worried it would slip when I started shredding but it stayed put. Both of them hug your boot with comfort and didn’t form any unwanted pressure points.

Overall Impression

The Voile Light Rail will take you to amazing places, J.p. Giudici enjoying his "best day of the year" thanks to the Light Rails Photo Mike Hardaker | Mountain Weekly News

Weighing in at 4 lbs for a medium-size the Light Rail Bindings are .7 pounds heavier than the Spark R&D Magnetos. Weight is weight sometimes. However, .7 lbs isn’t going to stop me to get to where I want to go. The pin system is undesirable and something Voile could improve on, but functions just fine.

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Why you should buy the Voile Light Rail Binding? The price is much cheaper than Karakoram and Spark R&D. If you’re looking for a solid splitboard binding at a good price, the Voile Light Rail Bindings ($275.99), are a great buy.

Voile Light Rail Bindings

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