Volcom TDS Gore-Tex Jacket Review

Mike staying warm in the Air TDS Jacket from Volcom | Photo Mountain Weekly News

I can say that if you are a resort rider that spends time in places with deep snow and cold temperatures the Volcom TDS Gore-Tex Jacket is currently one of the best jackets on the market especially for banging out hot laps. What makes this jacket unique is the 80/20 duck down that’s strategically placed throughout the jacket.

Volcom TDS Jacket Review

Tetsing the Volcom Air TDS Jacket at Grand Targhee Resort, Photo Darren| Mountain Weekly News

Now you might be thinking down, and Gore-Tex how on earth will that work. Well, this is now a trend in the outdoor industry that’s actually pretty freaking sweet. Think about it for a second you can combine the bomber durability of Gore combined with the warmth of down.

If you ride lifts throughout the year this is the sort of jacket you will want to seek out.

Along with all the great materials throughout the Volcom TDS Jacket, I really dug that this came with a powder skirt. I feel naked without one and as a snowboarder living in Jackson, WY this is a must-have feature, so thanks for paying attention Volcom… I can’t figure out why brands are skipping out on this crucial piece of gear, at least Volcom is working with good snowboarders like Lando, Lynn, Guch, Moore etc so you know these guys demand the best in their outerwear. Powder skirt aside the features keeps getting better on this coat.

Deep Chest Pockets on the Air TDS Jacket

Deep Chest Pockets on the Air TDS Jacket

For me personally, I carry an avalanche field notebook a slope reader, pencil and compass on me at all times when touring in the Tetons. I have to believe this jacket was designed with like-minded people riders and guides in mind as it features 2 deep front chest pockets that I can store my important gear in. Best of all if the zipper is unzipped and I bend down my stuff actually stays in the pockets instead of scattering the contents of my pockets across the snow.

What can be Improved?

I’m 5’11 and was rocking the Medium (drop tail) version of the Volcom Air Lando jacket. The coat fits great except for when I bend down to fiddle with my bindings the cuffs end up going about 4″ up my air leaving me exposed to the eliminates. Now keep in mind this jacket does have handcuffs as well that can go inside a glove however I believe the cut of the jacket needs to be a little bit longer in the arms. The jacket is being made in Vietnam after all. So hopefully Volcom can get this dialed for next year.

Keep the sizing in mind as I would be swimming in a Large. The internal pocket has a weird angle so I don’t really trust using it, in a pinch you could store a pair of gloves of goggles but again if your worries about leaving gear behind I would stick to pockets with zippers or use your backpack.

Overall Impression

I dig it, especially the bomber zippers, Gore-Tex shell and just all-around durability on this coat. I have to spend a good bit of time this winter touring, hiking and riding lifts in Volcom Air TDS GORE-TEX Jacket. Best of all the jacket has taken a beating and is still 100% intact, that’s one of the reasons to buy Gore and if Volcom keeps this up a solid reason to invest in the Volcom brand for your outerwear needs.

Last but not least the Volcom TDS Jacket ($599.99) does come with a Recco reflector however if you are in the backcountry I wouldn’t recommend counting on anything to keep you alive aside from your brain and well that’s really all you need.

Be sure to put Volcom back on your radar again, this jacket can easily compete with any of the other big-name brands in the industry.

Mike enjoying the Volcom TDS Jacket at a secret spot in the Tetons... Photo Jake Stinson | Mountain Weekly News

Mike enjoying the Volcom TDS Jacket at a secret spot in the Tetons… Photo Jake Stinson | Mountain Weekly News

Volcom Air TDS GORE-TEX Jacket
Waiting for product details ...

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