Volcom is the Outerwear Provider for U.S. Snowboard Team in 2022 Winter Olympics

2022 US Snowboard Team Apparel

In somewhat surprising news Volcom is kitting out the U.S. Snowboard Team with some seriouslly wild outfits for the 2022 Winter Olympics. The Volcom Stone logo represents the surf, snow, skate culture perhaps more than any other brand. Founded in Costa Mesa, California in 1991, Volcom grew into one of the most core action sports brands of the 90’s and early 2000’s before going “mainstream” by “selling out” as some would say with a public offering on the NASDAQ in 2005.

Volcom U.S. Snowboard Team Gear You Can Buy

Volcom US Snowboard Team Puffy

Volcom U.S. Snowboard Team Down Jacket ($260.00)

Volcom Snowboard Team Hoody

Volcom Stone Hoody ($65.00)

*Volcom Stone USST Hoody Shown Above is Incredibly Comfortable!!!

Volcom Brighton Jacket

Men’s Volcom Brighton U.S. Snowboard Team Jacket ($575.00)

Volcom Men's US Snowboard Team Blue Jacket

Men’s Volcom Brighton Pullover U.S. Snowboard Team Jacket – ($290.00)

Volcom U.S. Snowboard Team Baselayer

Volcom U.S Snowboard Team Baselayer Top ($70.00)

Volcom Womens US Snowboard Team Jacket

Women’s Volcom TDS GORE-TEX Jacket – ($630.00)

Volcom US Snowboard Team JacketWomen’s Volcom Brighton U.S Snowboard Team Jacket ($575.00)

U.S. Snowboard Team Uniforms – Beijing Olympics

Volcom U.S. Olympic Snowboard Team 2022

Volcom Brighton Pullover and Hotlapper Pants

Volcom Steeze Olympic Uniforms

Volcom Formal Jacket & L GORE-TEX Pants

Volcom US Snowboard Team Jackets

Volcom Owl 3-1 GORE-TEX Jacket

Volcom United States Snowboard Team Jacket and Bibs

Volcom TDS INF GORE-TEX Jacket & Ho3L GORE-TEX Overall Bibs

U.S Snowboard Team Uniforms

Volcom NYA TDS GORE-TEX Jacket

Overall Impression

To team up with the U.S Snowboard Team is one thing, however to make outfits that represent the counter culture punk rock snowboarding lifestyle is something that will surely bring some attention back to the brand, and hopefully snowboarding as a whole. Volcom is back, although they really didn’t go anywhere.

Volcom has 5 kits available for the athletes to use that seem a bit louder than the all white uniforms Burton rolled out for the 2018 Olympics.

Shaun White

And in case you were wondering Shaun White is competing again this year, and we wish him luck and hopefully everyone reading this does too.  It’s pretty much impossible to stay the best of the best at your sport for this long, Jordan, Brady, Slater, White… You can see some of the Volcom gear below along with some of the Ralph Lauren U.S. Snowboard Team apparel. Ying and Yang at it’s finest.

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  1. Incredible style on each of your products THANKS

    How do I purchase the men’s parka that the Coach’s wore?

    • John,

      Thanks for the comment, check ebay for the coach stuff. Do you have a picture of the jacket? I can help track one down.


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