VonZipper Elmore Sunglasses Review

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I took the VonZipper Elmore Sunglasses on a recent surfing and yoga trip to Bali, Indonesia. I choose the black gloss frame and vintage grey lenses so my sunglasses would go with everything.

VonZipper Elmore Review

I really liked the impact resistant polycarbonate lens. Partway through the trip, I lost my sunglasses case and was stashing the Elmores in a t-shirt or sarong.

The lenses ended up being very resistant to scratching and held up well. Also, the sunglasses themselves were durable. Despite the beating the VonZipper Elmore sunglasses took during the three-month trip, the hinges and all other hardware held up well.

Lastly, in sunny Bali, the 100% UV protection offered by the lenses was key (this became very apparent after losing my sunglasses for a few days and being forced to wear a cheap street pair during the interim).

My only issue with the Elmore’s was the fit. While they worked well most of the time, when I was sweaty they would slide off the bridge of my nose. This happened during long, hot walks while we looked for hotel rooms with all our gear, or during the occasional run to stay in shape. However, I admittedly have a small face so this probably wouldn’t be an issue for most people.

Overall Impression

Overall, I was stoked on the VonZipper Elmore Sunglasses ($135.00) and would recommend them to anyone looking for a stylish but also durable and functional pair of shades.  They were stylish, yet functional.

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