VonZipper Feenom Goggle Review

Josh Thompson testing the VonZipper Feenom Goggles while holding down the terrain park at Bridger Bowl

As light or “lack there of” enters your lens your retina focuses images and relays to the optic nerve which sends a image to your brain. Your brain then sends a message to thousands of motor nerves, ultimately controlling your snow-“stick”, sled, or whatever…

VonZipper Feenom Review on Mountain Test

Vision is important! I spend all day (sun up to sundown) , just about everyday on the mountain. That adds up to a lot of goggle time. I’ve worn the VonZipper Feenom Google at sunrise in the snowcat, dumping snow on “the ridge”, sunny slushy park days, hiking in the backcountry (zero fogging issues) snowmobiling, and some other scenarios, but, I’ll stop rambling.

Since getting my first pair of VonZipper Feenom’s I have been able to see much better, ultimately allowing me to snowboard much better, even snow machine. Not even lie’n, it’s gotta be the “Feenom’s”. I don’t know what else it could be…

Josh Thompson rocking the VonZipper Feenom Goggle Photo | Mountain Weekly News

Josh Thompson rocking the VonZipper Feenom Goggle Photo | Mountain Weekly News

Overall Impression

The VonZipper Fennom N.L.S Goggles are amazing! I have never owned a better pair of goggles. So basic, but so advanced. So light on the head I forget they’re there sometimes.

My one pair of Feenom’s and a easy swap between high and low light lens, are doing the job it took 3 pairs of goggle’s in my pack previously. I’m Stoking!!!!

I honestly can not find one negative quality in them.

VonZipper Feenom Goggle
5 / 5 RATING      

Waiting for product details ...

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