VonZipper Skylab Goggle Review

VonZipper Skylab Goggle Review

I picked up the VonZipper Skylab Goggle to see how a slightly cheaper goggle held up and performed. One of the things that really stuck out about these from the first time I wore them was how simple they are. Not flashy at all. I really like that.

The VonZipper Skylab Goggle is smaller than most. It’s a unisex so it will fit both male and female faces. I’d say that it would work for you as long as your head isn’t gigantic.

VonZipper Skylab Review

The Skylab Goggles are similar to the Fishbowl Goggles that are also made by VonZipper. They have a similar shape, but are scaled down to fit a smaller face.

I really like the shape of this goggle because it gives you great peripheral vision. The foam on these guys is also great. VZ’s triple face foam system is something that I really like about all of their goggles.

Simple, but still slick! The Skylabs only come in a few colorways, but this should be enough of a selection for most folks. Let your skills and not your goggles do the talking!

I rode these for the first time on a warm and sunny day. They blocked the glare really well and kept the sweat off my face.

I had no problem at all using them with or without a helmet on. No air got in through the vents and I never experienced even a hint of fogging on the lens.

I really love the VonZipper Skylab Goggle’s. I would recommend VonZipper Skylab’s ($59.97) to anyone who is in need of a new pair. They fit well, look cool, offer great peripheral vision, and hold up for the long haul.

VonZipper Skylab Goggle
4.5 / 5 RATING      

Waiting for product details ...

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