Westcomb Shift LT Hoody Jacket Review

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The Westcomb Shift LT Hoody technical shell jacket from Vancouver, BC-based Westcomb tackles any and all-weather you can throw at it while remaining fully breathable. The Polartec® NeoShell® fabric boasts an incredible combination of waterproofing, breathability, and stretch while weighing less than nearly any other jacket on the market.

Westcomb Shift LT Hoody Review

Westcomb Shift Photo Jonathan Penfield

At first glance, the Westcomb Shift LT Hoody looks more like a raincoat, but upon closer inspection and use it is clear that this jacket is purposed for everything from long, lightweight expeditions to a bike commute in a torrential downpour; all the while keeping you completely dry and free from the clammy feel of a rain jacket.Designed, tested and built-in perpetually moist coastal British Columbia, Westcomb produces a highly durable product that functions perfectly regardless of the weather.


Worn in rain, water immediately beads and sheets off the jacket regardless of how hard the downpour or heavy your activity. Once out of the rain, a simple shaking of the jacket removes every trace of H2O and allows you to pack a completely dry jacket down to less than the size of your Nalgene. Worn in the snow, the jacket provides warmth more characteristic of a heavier material.

The only sacrifice of this lightweight gem is the lack of either hip pockets or an interior glove/goggle pouch. Regardless, this makes a perfect combination for demanding weather such as repetitively lapping through rain and snow on the ski hill.

Even after a week+ of heavy use and backpack abrasion, water still beads perfectly from this space-age fabric. Top this performance off with the impeccable design and quality of Westcomb, and you have a top of the line garment ready for anything.


If you want a highly purposed jacket that keeps you warm and dry while feeling like you’re wearing nothing at all, the featherlight Westcomb Shift LT Hoody ($450) will keep you covered no matter how hard you’re working.

Westcomb Shift LT Hoody Jacket

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