Weston Range 161 Splitboard Review

Weston Range Splitboard Review

The Weston Range Splitboard was among the first freestyle oriented splitboard I have had the pleasure to ride. The first experience with it was not how I planned. It was a 2-foot day on Teton pass. I mounted my bindings to what I thought was a good pow stance but for this board, it was not. I was disappointed and wanted my other board immediately…

Weston Range Splitboard Review

That night I re-mounted the bindings further back to give it another shot for the next day. I nailed the binding position this time and the Weston Range decided to float a bit better this time around! It handled the pow nicely but could still feel I wanted a different board for this deep of a day.

Weston Range Splitboard Wyoming Backcountry

After the pow resided, I began testing the Weston Range in variable snow conditions. The response was totally different. It turned into this super playful, fun, poppy, board. Arching huge turns at high speeds and launching off of rollers, wind lips, and anything else I could find was where this board excelled.

I began to understand the board much better.

Weston Touring

On the uphill side, the Weston Range Splitboard was a very strong, stable touring setup. It managed the firm inclines very well and had an efficient feel to it. 4 hours going up, on all types of snow conditions, made for great testing grounds. I did have to put my ski crampons on for a bit, but so did the skiers.

Weston Range 161 Splitboard

On the way down from this shred it got very thin down low. I am not sure on how many rocks, trees, turds, and sagebrushes I mowed over but it was a lot! I was nervous that the board was going to be decimated from this. I looked at the base at the bottom and it held up great. No core shots, impact cracks, edge blows and so forth.

This board is a beast! Built very well indeed.

Overall Impression

Weston Range Splitboard Boot Pack

Overall the Weston Range Splitboard ($798.95) is a great addition to the splitboard family. I enjoy more of a pow slayer but it gives back to you with its fun versatile ride for sure. The quality of construction is top notch and is light enough for me to take on bigger tours!

Weston Range 161 Splitboard

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