Wildhorn Drift Helmet & Pipeline Goggle Review

Women Skier SKiing Powder Snow in Helmet and GoggleNatalee Stimpson Ripping While Testing Wildhorn Drift Helmet and Pipeline Goggle | Photo Mountain Weekly News

Mary Oliver once wrote “…If you have ever gone to the woods with me, I must love you very much” and I think the same can be said about the gear one chooses to bring into the woods with them. Made in the same factories as most house-hold industry brands, ski touring with the Unisex Wildhorn Drift Helmet has made it so I don’t have to compromise safety for weight. Who wouldn’t love that?

Wilhorn Drift Helmet Weight

Wildhorn Outfitters Drift Helmet

Natalee Wearing the Wildhorn Drift Helmet | Photo Mountain Weekly News

Totaling 1 lb, I found myself heading up hill on a skin track and laughing because I forgot the helmet was even on my head. Yes… The Wildhorn Drift Ski Helmet is that comfortable. The ultra plush interior line is incredibly soft while the innovative ‘VNT’ system makes staying warm or cooling off as easy as opening or closing the adjustable vents. There’s even a half open position should you need.

Some days you want your beanie or goggles on under your helmet and the FTA (Fine Tuned Adjustment) system in the Drift allows for some wiggle room depending on your mood.


Style is no issue either; rule #1 – Look good. The sleek design of the Wildhorn Drift Snowboard & Ski Helmet ($89.99) prevents you from feeling like your head grew ten sizes and the matte colors are some of the most appealing I’ve ever seen helmets come in. They’ve even equipped Wildhorn Helmets with a snap loop on the back that secures your goggles in place.

The avoid-at-all-costs Gaper Gap doesn’t stand a chance with this combo.

Wilhorn Pipeline Goggles

Wildhorn Outfitters Goggles

Wildhorn Pipeline Goggle on Drift Helmet | Photo Natalee Stimpson

The Wildhorn Pipeline Goggles line up seamlessly with the Drift helmet and are extremely well vented. I haven’t had them fog up on me once thanks to the special attention they’ve given to their fog resistant technology.

The Wildhorn Pipeline Goggles ($99) came with one lens, aurora, which is suitable for partial sun light conditions. The lens is wide but not too wide that it pinches my nose closed. A full variety of replacement lenses are available for skiing in riding on bluebird days to storm skiing at very reasonable prices and the magnetic clipping system makes changing out your lenses a breeze.

Overall Impression

US Ski & Snowboard Team Helmet and Goggle Sponsor

Natalee Stimpson Wearing the Wildhorn Outfitters Drift Helmet with Pipeline GoggleWildhorn Pipeline Goggle on Drift Helmet | Photo Mountain Weekly News

All of these features, big and small, make Wildhorn Outfitters a go to for gear but there is one above all else that makes them stand out in my mind. The packaging. In a time when reducing waste and being mindful of resources in the name of the planet and climate change is more important than ever, Wildhorn has stepped up the sustainability game.

Almost all of the materials the products came in were recyclable or reusable. Historically waste created by commercial products has been put solely on the consumer leaving companies taking no responsibility. Wildhorn is part of a new way of doing things, working with consumers towards goals of protecting wild natural places.

When looking for a new helmet and goggles, your first and last stop will be Wildhorn. Oh and the US Ski & Snowboard Team seems to think this gear rocks too, Wildhorn Outfitters is the official helmet and goggle provider for all of their athletes.

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