Top 10 Women’s Powder Skis 2019

Best Womens Powder Skis of 2019

The new generation of women’s powder skis brings hardcore engineering, design, and construction to the slopes. These skis are ready to ride; they each bring a little something different.  The question only remains “which is right for me?”

Best Women’s Powder Skis

Womens Ski 2019 Solomon Stella

Salomon Stella 106 Skis – ($749)

Already a proven performer, Salomon’s QST Stella Powder ski boasts a new full-length layer of basalt in addition to its carbon flax strip core.  This addition adds a dampening effect rendering the ski quieter and smoother when the surface gets a little choppy. The tip and tail rocker allow for good maneuverability in tight spots with the Salomon Stella 106 waist giving you good float. Its relatively low weight (just 1740 grams) make this a lively ski and reduces leg fatigue at the end of a big day. Take this ski on an adventure; she won’t let you down.  [Purchase: $749]

Womens Ski 2019 DPS Zelda 106 Foundation

DPS Zelda 106 Foundation Skis – ($799)

DPS is hailing the Zelda Foundation as ‘the new flagship ski for women’ and they could be right.  The bamboo and poplar core is wrapped in carbon and fiberglass to yield a ski that will power through crud and dampen the chaos under your feet. The low angled tail rocker will allow you to juice out of your turn as the camber underfoot allows confident grip on the snow surface. You can end up anywhere on the Zelda; enjoy the ride! [Purchase: $799]

Womens 2019 Ski Volkl 100Eight

Volkl 100Eight Women’s Skis – ($699)

This fully rockered ski has a 108 mm waist and a 20-meter turn radius; she will take you places. The hardwood core gives this ride stability while the fiberglass wrapping in the binding area lends it a snappy rebound characteristic. Full-length sidewalls give the Volk 100Eight Women’s great ski to snow power transmission; they grip like crazy. This is a mid-weight ski which has a more nimble feel than other skis this size. Available in 157, 165 and 173 lengths. [Purchase: $699]

Womens Powder Ski Nordica Santa Ana 2019

Nordica Santa Ana 110 Skis – ($799)

The Santa Ana is a burly ski.  110 underfoot and weighing in at 2078 grams, this ski means business.  She is slightly stiffer than the other skis reviewed; this means incredible edge hold when you absolutely must ski the hardpack.  The tip and tail rocker lend the Nordia Santa Anna 110 great floatation in the deep stuff and allows for a playful turn in tighter spots. The hard-charging adventurous skier is going to appreciate this performer. Available in 161, 169 and 177 cm lengths. [Purchase: $799]


Womens Powder Ski - Rossignol Soul 7

Rossignol Soul 7 Skis – ($749)

This versatile ski will escort the strong intermediate skier off-piste as well as answer a ripping expert’s call for performance. Rossi’s new Carbon Alloy Matrix capitalizes on the strength and lightness of carbon and the stabilizing properties of basalt. This ski’s playful, across the mountain nature is attributed to the moderate 106 cm waist and the rocker/camber combination.  A traditional sidecut underfoot makes edge control easy; cap construction in the tip and tail lighten the Rossignol Soul 7. Many, many skiers will enjoy this as their one go to quiver.  Available in 156, 164, 172 and 180 lengths. [Purchase: $749]

K2 GottaLuvit Ski 2019

K2 GottaLuvit Skis – ($699)

This is widest K2 women’s powder ski with a 105 mm waist. At approximately 1715 grams, this is one of the lighter skis we are reviewing.  The aspen and paulownia wood combination core gives the GottaLuvit a light-weight lively feel underfoot while retaining a large sweet spot. The wood is wrapped in alternating layers of metal and fiberglass to dampen and strengthen the ski without compromising the lightweight. The rockered tip enhances the skis float characteristic while the flatter tail will improve turn entry and exit. If the snow is soft and fluffy, reach for this ski. Available in 156, 163, 170 and 177 cm. [Purchase: $699]

Dynastar Legend W96 Womens Ski

Dynastar Legend W96 Skis – ($649)

The Legend 96 is the widest ski that Dynastar makes for women; it really doesn’t need to be any wider. The tip and tail rocker, consistent tip to tail flex pattern and 5 point sidecut pattern make this a playful and reliable performer in any conditions at any speed. The traditional full-length ABS sidewalls give the ski great grip on the hardpack. With real camber underfoot and the versatile 96 mm waist, these skis will zip out short turns in the trees and skinny spots as well. Probably the best candidate for the one-ski quiver.  Available in 158, 165, 171 and 178 cm lengths. [Purchase: $649]

Womens Ski - Line Pandora 104

Line Pandora 104 – ($599)

The Pandora 104 is new to Line Skis show for 2019. With 12 mm of rise in the tip, this ski will float in the deep and over the chunder. The 4 mm camber underfoot with a vertical sidewall over the edge will also give this ski great performance on the groomers. Pandora’s calm predictability underfoot are the result of a medium and round flex pattern. For a solid low drama ride through anything, this ski could be your choice. Available in 158, 165 and 172 cm. [Purchase: $599]

Icelantic Maiden 111 Powder Ski

Icelantic Maiden 111 – ($699)

This indy, hand-made ski brings some great features to the table. The ‘Fly-Weight’ core, featuring Pacific Albus wood, produces a lightweight playful feel. The rockered tip and partially rockered tail give the Maiden good float and allow a solid turn entry and exit.  With only 2 mm of camber underfoot, this ski will butter a turn on the asking- bring on the trees and skinny spots!  Available in a 162, 169 and a 177. [Purchase: $699]

SEGO Up AK Womens Ski

SEGO Up AK – ($736)

This is an unabashed powderhound ski. The only time you would take these fully rockered, cm 116 underfoot boards away from the deep and fluffy is to get back to the lift. The combination of the tip/tail rocker and the flat 116 cm underfoot make this a floater as well as easy to pivot and scrub in the tighter spots. Not much of a cross-over ski, save this one for the goods.  Available in 176 and 182 cm. [Purchase: $736]

If pondering these 10 fantastic skis don’t get you red-line stoked for winter, don’t know what will!!!  See you on the hill.

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    Help! Trying to decide between the Nordica Santa Anna and the Volkl 100eight ……which is a lighter ski? I have a old pair of Volkl Aura’s and they are too stiff and really heavy. I also have a Coalition SOS ski that is 101 under foot that is playful in all but the Sierra crud or when I need more flotation for powder in the Rockies.

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