Top 5 Women’s Splitboards for 2022

Best Women's Splitboards 2022

With the snow holding off and teasing most of North America, on top of limited riding access at ski resorts this past winter, it’s no wonder women are grabbing their favorite group of gals and getting lost on their splitboards.  With the increased desire to commune, splitboarding is serving as a bridge between lush powder surfing frenzies and charging uphill in the backcountry. Nowadays women’s splitboards are no longer dumbed down, instead they’re being built for women to rip in the backcountry.

Keep in mind, to get that women’s splitboard you’ve been drooling over, you’ll want to snatch it fast. Due to everyone wanting to get outside, supply chains suffered an influx of orders they couldn’t fulfill. Make sure you’re not disappointed this winter season by using this guide towards your new favorite adventure buddy.

Best Women’s Splitboards 2022

Rossignol Women's Diva Splitboard

Rossignol After Hours

Veteran snowboarders and splitboarders fall in love at first ride when it comes to the Rossignol Diva Split. The Rossignol Diva After Hours is a directional twin board that will quickly show you itself why it’s our number one pick. With several details exciting us about this split including the Magne-Traction edges, AmpTek Elite profile, and state of the art L.I.T.E technology (super light), it’s no wonder they took their solid design and made it into a split. These key features dominate the industry by magnetizing your edge grip to icy slopes while giving you hybrid stability and floatability with camber underfoot and rocker at the nose and tail. A plus for all rider types: a top of the line sintered (7500) board that fully absorbs wax. The intricate details that Rossignol has been continuously pouring into the Rossignol After Hours Snowboard and Rossignol After Hours Splitboard is why this board is a year after year All Mountain favorite.

Rossignol After Hours Splitboard is a stiff board that delivers a playful freeride feel for those looking to expand their skills and soar high in the backcountry. You can also rely on saving the chatter for the ladies- because the Afterhours will absorb any chatter you may produce on the hardpack with its lightweight basalt and kevlar fibers. And just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, POMOCA Pre-cut skins are available to purchase.  The board is available in size 153cm and 156cm. Will you answer the call? If so, make sure you pick up soon, this split will be out of stock quickly (if it’s not already!).

Price: $599.95

Sizes: 152cm

Skins: POMOCA Pre-Cut Rossignol Diva Skins ($249.95) sold separately

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Jones Women's Solution Splitboard

Jones Solution Splitboard

They don’t call it the Solution for no reason- Jones has outdone themselves by not only providing an extremely efficient and addicting board for hard chargers, but they’ve also found a way to make it as eco-friendly as possible. We love this Jones Women’s Splitboard, having awarded the men’s version splitboard of the year, especially with the 2021-2022 updates of a more tapered shape and 3D contour. Having less rocker in the tail gives stability for the new tapered shape to sink deeper into the snow, while camber underfoot and rocker in the nose provide an unbeatable flow when taking on any turn.

A couple personal favorite new features of the Solution split are the karakoram ultra clips, the most durable and long-lasting clips in the industry, and Traction Tech 3.0. Crushing uphill ascents on firm snow should never stand in the way of a good time, which seems to be a common upgrade in many splitboards this season. The Traction Tech 3.0 will assist here, with three bumped out edge points designed to lock you into the slope. Let’s say goodbye to low quality clips interfering with our ride, and say hello to being in complete control of this directional freeride slayer. Plus the Quick Tension Tail Clip ensures an effortless attachment point for the Nomad Pro skins (available for purchase), which are made with a rubber backing to prevent any excess water absorption. Size A works perfect for the Jones Solution Women’s Splitboard version.

Sizes: 146cm, 149cm, 152cm, 155cm.

Skins: POMOCA Pre-Cut Jones Nomad Skins Size A ($219.95) and POMOCA Pre-Cut Jones Nomad Pro Skins Size A ($259.99) sold separately.

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Arbor Swoon Rocker Women's Splitboard

Arbor Swoon Rocker Splitboard

My love for the Arbor Swoon Rocker Splitboard is ever-long and my very own daily driver. What you need to know about this board is that the full rocker system does not compromise edge control while traveling uphill. I wouldn’t typically recommend a full rocker board to newer split borders due to less connectivity with the snow, however, Arbor does an impeccable job at designing their parabolic rocker system to produce gripping edge hold. I can’t be the only one that Is hype over a spinning machine that is forgiving while also unifying stability. It’s an all in one board that could also serve you on resort days if paired with Union Bindings. Is this the best women’s splitboard of the year?  If we had to play favorites, Arbor would take home gold in this category.

Another perk about Arbor is that they pride themselves on reducing their carbon footprint with Recycled Steel Edges, Carbonized Bamboo Powerply, and Bio-Resin. Sustainable, resilient, and surfy are the words I use to describe this 5/10 flex board. With enough give to nudge you along your progression as a backcountry rider, the Arbor Swoon Rocker will never leave you disappointed.

Sizes: 148cm, 152cm, 156cm.

Skins: Arbor Angusta KOHLA Trim to Cut Skins ($199.99) sold separately.

Price: $699.99

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Arbor Vida Women's Splitboard

Arbor Veda Splitboard

Whereas the Arbor Swoon Rocker presents a relaxed yet enthusiastic experience up and downhill, the Veda is its equal counterpart in a full parabolic camber system. The difference I’ve noticed is its demand and control of whatever terrain you present it with. The unique design of the Uprise Fenders reinforces a smoother ride through a robust nose and shorter tail without missing out on the backcountry trick session. Ladies that are looking for a 5/10 flex, directional split to challenge steeps while still enjoying the fun of popping with ease, the Arbor Veda is your breadwinner.

Arbors sustainably responsible values are maintained with the Hand-Dyed Ash Powerply topsheet to eliminate the use of Bio-Plastic while keeping your uphill trek lightweight. In addition, they added four points of Grip Tech technology to reassure your trust in an explosive yet bulletproof plank. If you have to choose between a solid or split for the season and you spend your time equally, trust that the Veda will blow away your expectations for resort days.

Sizes: 152cm, 156cm.

Skins: Arbor Angusta KOHLA Trim to Cut Skins ($199.99) sold separately.

Price: $759.99

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Weston Riva Women's Splitboard

Weston Riva Splitboard

Calling out to partner with the biggest and baddest ladies out there, the Weston Riva Splitboard is a stiff, directional twin board looking to aggressively carve turns and explode through powder stashes. For someone who prefers technical adventures, the stiffness behind the Riva is intended to empower you through big decisions about cliff drops and landings to icy chunder without hesitation. Carbon Fibers are embedded from tip to tail to assist in providing limitless pop through a 7/10 flex. One trip on the Weston Riva is all it takes to convince you that you’ve only just opened the door to backcountry riding.

The Weston Riva delivers an unbeatable balance with its camber/rocker/camber profile. The profile on this women’s splitboard enables it to be agile yet structurally responsive. With more rocker creeping into the nose of the board, positioning bindings in a mild setback stance will allow you to tap into the effortless float offered by the tapered design. Having been a personal lover of softer, rocker heavy boards, I found the Riva pulling back a veil to a whole new level of splitboarding.

Sizes: 143cm, 147cm, 151cm, and 155cm.

Skins: No branded skins yet, although we will be seeing them within the next couple of years.

Price: $899.99

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  1. Hi! Thanks for the great reviews. I’m an experienced splitboarder living on Vancouver Island in BC. In the past I rode a Prior Kyber split 156 with Spark R’n’D, currently I’m riding a 154 Capita NeoSlasher split with Union Expedition bindings. I’m 5’6, 145lbs. I’m a strong rider but these boards are just too burly for me. I can’t ride them like I do my resort boards – currently a 156 Capita Outer Space Living. I’d like something a bit lighter, more nimble, and women specific. It’s also important that it preforms well on the skin track as Vancouver Island terrain means lots of skinning to get to the goods! I’m feeling drawn to the Arbour Veda and the Arbour Swoon Rocker. Any advice? And, any other recommendations are appreciated.

    • Mike Hardaker | April 26, 2022 at 5:15 PM | Reply


      Thanks for the comment. The Veda is going to tour a little better and has a more directional shape, where’s the Swoon Rocker is a little more freestyle oriented twin shape. What size resort board do you normally ride? Usually I recommend to size up 2-3cm.


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