Muddy Trail Etiquette: Spring Rules for Cyclists
Now that we’re fighting our way out of winter and mountain bike trails are opening up, it’s time we have the annual conversation about muddy trail etiquette. Should you ride muddy trails? Should you avoid them? We deal with these questions every year, so let’s put the record straight. (Then you can just bookmark this  [...]
This Is What Today’s Best E-Bikes Look Like
What do you think of when you hear “electric bike”? While the idea for an electrically-powered bicycle has been around for a long time, they’ve really started capturing the imagination of riders in the past decade or so. But there are still a lot of misconceptions. People think that e-bikes are clunky, or are basically  [...]
You Need to Try Fatbiking This Winter, Here’s How and Where
The mountain bike scene is overrun with fatbikes. They were everywhere at Interbike, almost every major manufacturer is selling at least one model, fatty-specific bike racks are hitting the market, and fatbike races are popping up everywhere. To most people, fatties look really goofy. But to the people who love them, they’re the best bikes in  [...]
What is Bikepacking?
If you pay attention to what’s going on in the outdoors, you’ve probably heard of bikepacking—and you might be wondering about it. If you haven’t heard of it, you might be a bit perplexed by the term. Whether you’ve heard of it or not, you probably want to know more about it! So here’s your  [...]
Ever Wanted to Build Your Own Bike Frame? Now You Can
Frame-building has long been the remit of expert builders and craftsmen; building your own bike frame by hand is something you could dream about, but not a project you could take on without a big investment. A small company called Bamboo Bee is trying to change that, though, with their BIY 2 kit, which allows  [...]