Why Should You Should Wear a Helmet While Riding a Bike?

Wear a Helmet Biking

Ever wondered how hilarious those cartoons trips seem where a cyclist falls off his bike while riding a steep surface? Well, things don’t look that funny when it’s your noggin hitting the ground without any proper protection. You might as well end up in the emergency room just like thousands of other Americans do every single year. Around one third of these emergency visits comprise of head injuries which further lead to hospitalizations and even deaths. Moreover, people with head injuries, i.e. cyclists who prefer not wearing helmets, are more likely to face death than those whose injury has affected some other body part.

Now, a lot of people may have different theories on why you should or should not be wearing a helmet while biking. Some might say it makes you look stupid, others might say it provides a professional look and so on, but what are the real reasons why anyone should wear a helmet while biking?

Anyone being knocked off or falling from their bike with their helmet cracking against the kerb or tarmac will tell you the following four reasons why a helmet should always be worn on any biking endeavor.

Keeping Head Injuries at Bay

Helmets are specifically designed to provide protection to your head, along with your brain, in the event of a fall or an accident. Wearing a helmet can shield you from impacts while cushioning the shock you may receive to mouth, chin, eyes and nose when you fall. Also, helmets having visors can keep debris, e.g. rocks, birds, insects, and dirt, away from your eyes. Although a helmet will not completely eliminate your risk of obtaining a head injury, you will be maximizing your chances of keeping your noggin in place while wearing it in an unfortunate situation.

There can be numerous hazards to riding in a road with active traffic. There are times when accidents occur only because the cyclists are not visible to the drivers. Wearing a helmet that has reflective strips on it can make you more perceptible to the motorists. This can prove to be quite helpful in early evening or pre-dawn hours. Also, choosing a colored helmet can make sure that the drivers are able to spot you during day time.

It Helps Evade Tickets

Now, there’s no universal law that forces cyclists to wear helmets within the United States. Nevertheless, there are several local ordinances that require riders to wear helmets regardless of their age. If you’re in the habit of wearing a helmet, then you’ll always be able to comply with the law irrespective of the place you’re riding in.

Weather Protection

The weather cannot always be predictable, particularly in situations where you have a long distance to cover. Wearing helmets can protect you from hazards of the weather as well, including intense hail, rain and being sun stroked. A lot of manufacturers keep extreme weather in mind, making helmets that keep your head safe from high and low temperatures. Also, some helmets are manufactured with built-in communication devices that allow you to talk on the phone or listen to your favorite music during your ride.

They say that protection is always better than the cure and why not stay safe when it makes you look and feel good at the same time?

Aspen Requires Helmets for Employees

Wearing a Helmet Snowboarding is Cool!

Helmets are a key part of snowboarding. There are many benefits to wearing a helmet. Helmets not only increase the chances of a snowboarder’s life being longer and happier, they also possess other advantages that can contribute to a more fun filled day on the mountain.

Unlike its softer cousin the hat, a helmet doesn’t fly off your head when you’re upside down, or get caught up on a tree branch as you cruise away through the pow (that’s less time spent bear crawling back up the mountain and more time bombing down the hill).

Helmets keep your head warm and your goggles securely attached to your dome (you could be riding instead of digging through the snow for your goggles). Many have high quality built in headphones (that don’t fall out or need to be adjusted). If you’re a rider who enjoys shredding the tree’s, you can charge through branches and head butt sticks like a raging bull.

How to Find the Right Size Helmet Video

Most importantly, helmets drastically increase you’re safety and security on the mountain. A study completed by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission in January 1999 showed that about 44 percent of head injuries that occurred on the mountain could have been prevented had the skier or rider been wearing a helmet.

More and more riders are wearing helmets these days. There are many different options available in varying styles, and colors, headphones, or no headphones. So if steez is your thing styling yourself out is no problem. Check out what helmets are available to you and what and find the fit that matches your style. We have some great reviews of this seasons snowboard helmets available free of charge.

If you don’t have a helmet, make it a priority for your own good. If you can’t afford it, ask your parents. If that isn’t an option, find a way to hustle up some money and get one. Buying a helmet is an investment that ensures increased comfort, and protection from accidents that could destroy a season. So strap on a helmet, and get out there.

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