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What do you think of when you hear “electric bike”? While the idea for an electrically-powered bicycle has been around for a long time, they’ve really started capturing the imagination of riders in the past decade or so. Today we’re going to take a look at a few of the best e-bikes to give you an idea of what’s available.

Best E-Bikes 2020

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Cannondale Quick NEO – ($3,465)

The NEO is a class 1 ebike, which means it assists you in pedaling; it won’t go on its own. But it’ll help you get up to 20 mph much more efficiently. With a sporty design, a carbon fork, and 9 gears, you get a commuter that can seriously cut down the number of miles you put on a car.

Which means this bike is an investment. Think of that price tag as contributing both to a healthier environment and increased life on your car. It’s worth it. [Purchase: $3,465]

Electra Townie Go! electric bike

REI Electra Townie Go! – ($2,699)

Electra’s Townie series has long been synonymous with sensible, functional bikes, and the Go! the electric version is no exception.

This is a class 2 e-bike, so the pedal-assist motor will help you up to 20 mph (it’s worth noting that many bike paths only allow class 1 and 2 e-bikes). And with four different assist modes, you can choose how many assists you want.

Depending on the mode and terrain, you can get up to 100 miles of pedaling assistance—that’s tough to beat.

Another great feature of the REI Townie Go! is the internally geared hub. There’s no external derailleur or cassette, so there’s a lot less maintenance. This would also make for a great commuter bike. We picked 9 of the best bikes to commute to work. Be sure to check out that article for some fun bikes.

Combined with a rear rack, fenders, and lights, you have a winner of an all-around e-bike. Whether you’re commuting, running to the store, or just cruising around your neighborhood, the Townie Go! is a great choice. And at $2,599, it’s not a bank-breaker. [Purchase: $2,795]

IZIP E3 Dash electric bike

IZIP E3 Dash – ($2,299)

The E3 Dash is a class 3 e-bike, which means it can provide pedal-assistance power up to 28 mph. And with a large battery, you can get assistance for up to 16 miles. This makes the Dash a great commuter for people who need a little help keeping their speed up.

With a standard rear rack, fenders, kickstand, 50c tires, and a suspension fork, this bike can handle anything from paved city streets to light gravel paths.

IZIP’s lithium-ion batteries charge up in a couple of hours (or longer for very large batteries), and you can plug them into a regular outlet.

And every IZIP bike comes with a digital screen that shows you the battery charge, so you have an idea of how long you can go before you need to charge it up.

With an MSRP of $2,599, it’s definitely more expensive than your standard non-electric commuter. But if it’s going to get you out on your bike and let you use your car less, that’s a steal. [Purchase: $2,299]

Raleigh Tamland IE electric bike

Raleigh Tamland IE – ($2,399)

Raleigh has fully jumped into the world of e-bikes with numerous models that cover many different types of bikes. The Tamland, while not yet released at the time of this writing, is one of their most exciting.

It’s a drop-bar adventure road bike that forgoes the typical bulky battery in favor of a larger downtube that hides the internal battery. It’s a very stylish bike—from a distance, you could mistake it for a regular aero road bike.

But it packs some interesting features that you might not expect. For example, almost every road bike available uses 700c wheels (about 29″ in diameter). The Tamland IE uses 27.5″ wheels for quicker acceleration and better tire clearance; the stock tires at 47c, which are plenty big for gravel and light trail riding.

The class 3 motor will help you push up to 28 mph, which is probably faster than you’ll need on this adventure machine. [Purchase: $2,399]

Ghost Hybride SL AMR S1.7+ – ($4,999)

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Like most mountain bike manufacturers, GHOST has broken into the ebike market. The Hybrid SL AMR provides the same versatile platform as the SL AMR but with a class 1 pedal-assist motor for when you can use a little help. The Shimano Steps motor is a popular one among electric riders, as its intuitive power application makes for more natural riding experience.

There are a few changes from the standard SL AMR. This is a 27.5″ bike, not a 29er. And there’s 10mm more travel, making 140mm on both front and back (likely because of the extra weight added by the battery and motor). But it’s still a great all-around bike for tackling any terrain. [Purchase: $4,999]

Stromer ST5

Stromer ST5 – ($10,000)

They’ve been making e-bikes for a long time, and Stromer continues to push the envelope. The ST5 puts all of their awesome tech on display. Most e-bikes pack a 500W motor; the ST5 brings 850W to bear.

The bike looks like a spaceship and packs some really cool features. It has keyless locking and unlocking of the battery cover. Locking and unlocking the bike via Bluetooth from your phone. Electronic Shimano Di2 shifting. Headlight, rear light, and daytime running light.

It even has special e-bike-specific tires made by Pirelli.

This thing is absolutely packed to the gills with awesome technology.

It’s not quite out in the United States at the time of this writing. But when it releases, it’ll cost something like 10 grand.

You read that right. $10,000.

But for a spaceship on wheels, that seems pretty reasonable, doesn’t it?

Get the low-down on the Stromer ST5 – $10,000

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