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  • Steve Woods

    Great article Dann, I know these are bespoke bikes but do any of the companies export? Also what sort of price are these machines?

    • Dann Albright

      I know that Dean has shipped bikes overseas before, and I’m pretty confident that both GG and REEB would do the same, though it might cost you quite a bit (international shipping is crazy expensive once you get over the size of a shoebox or so). Here are some of the prices, for reference:

      GG Megatrail and DH: $4,000 (£2,635) for Trail build, $5,500 (£3,624) for Race build
      Dean full-suspension (frame only): $3,200 (£2,108) or $3,500 (£2,306)
      Dean hardtail (frame only): $2,500 (£1,647)
      Dean city bike (frame only): $3,000 (£1,967)
      REEB hardtail: $3,100 (£2,042) or $4,600 (£3,030)
      REEB fatbike: $3,400 (£2,240) or $4,600 (£3,030)

      So they’re a pretty good chunk of change. But, as you can see from the article, you’re getting something very special!