Chuck Barfoot Interview

Chuck Barfoot and Ernie DeLost at the old Barfoot factory near Santa Barbara in 1986

Chuck Barfoot was there when snowboarding began. A surfer from New Jersey, Chuck transplanted to the west coast in the 1970’s to ride swells and carve concrete. He was one of the first men in the world to build what we now call snowboards. When Chuck built his first snowboard for Tom Sims, the word snowboard had not been invented and Chuck had not yet ridden anything on snow.

From the first hours he spent creating his first board in 1978, Chuck would go on to influence snowboard design, production, and technology, first for Tom Sims, and then, on his own, with help from partner Ernie DeLost, as the founder of Barfoot Snoboards. It has been many years since a new Barfoot Snoboard has been created, but the 2014 season is going to be exciting, because Barfoot is back.

How do you feel returning to the snowboard marketplace after so many years away?

I could not be more stoked! After leaving the snowboard industry for the past ten years, I am back doing what I love. My old friend Ernie DeLost and I are back to designing, building, and riding Barfoot Snoboards.

I left the industry because it was just to cut throat for me at that time. I am a simple down to earth guy who really enjoys the soulful side. Building boards, riding with friends, meeting new riders, and putting a smile on everyone’s face is my payment.

I never really left snowboarding; I just needed to do some soul searching.

What types of boards will be released for the 2014 season, how much will they cost, and where can you buy them?

Barfoot will be releasing an all-mountain model with a semi-directional shape.

We have already built test boards and are riding them now. We also hope to release a second model. We are not sure if it will be a center stance twin-tip freestyle board or a freeride board with a stance set slightly in the back seat. The old Barfoot team is out in the mountains working hard on field tests. With their input we will decide on a second model for the season.

They will most likely be sold at the $599.95 price point. This price can change a bit based on the materials we decide to use for the release models.

You will be able to buy them direct from us at and from shops that believe in our philosophy.

This information will be posted on our website ( when we are ready to rock and roll!

What makes a Barfoot Snoboard special?

There is more than 70 years of snowboard design, building, and riding experience between Ernie DeLost and myself. I tell people we work together like the Yin and the Yang. Our ideas just mesh and both of us have the same love & passion to make the best boards possible.

What does Barfoot Snoboards have planned for us beyond the 2014 season?

Barfoot Snoboards will be until we have no pulse! This is our life and we are just really stoked to know we can do what we love!

I have been surfing since 1962 (11 years old). I’ve surfed swells, concrete, and snow pretty much my whole life. It is my life; it is what I do!

In 100 words or less, can you tell me a crazy snowboarding story from the early years?

Christmas Day, 1978: I rode the one of a kind fiberglass snowboard that I had designed and built. Bob Weber and I drove over 1000 miles to entry 3 between Snowbird and Alta to make my very first run. Bob’s girlfriend dropped us off on the side of the road at the top of the switchback, and then went to the bottom to shoot photos. I made full on surf turns all the way to the bottom with no falls. It was almost like being back in 1962, riding my first wave again. The lifestyle began.

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  1. David Leonetti | May 11, 2014 at 11:56 AM | Reply

    This is awesome!! I used to sit outside Sims factory in 1978 and watch Chucky create what he called a Snowboard…and I would say to myself “yeah…right Chucky” lol! I didnt have a clue how important this thing would become! I will always admire you Chuck for your creativity and passion! Your the best in my book!…..your not a bad surfer either!!lol

  2. De claw be de law……keep doing it your way Chuck. Much love!

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