A Green Hunter’s Buying Guide
Other than steel, most non-toxic shot options actually outperform lead. Non-toxic shot shells are expensive. There is no way around it. But, in a given season, how much do you actually shoot? If you hike 5 miles to get a few shots on grouse or chukars, or hunt 5 days to get a shot at  [...]
Best Hunting Knives & Shears For Cutting Up Game and Fish
We Breakdown Some of the Best Hunting Knives on the Market Mountain Weekly News contributors Jesse Roy, Jed Wolform and Lance Empey took these knives out on hunts across Wyoming and Idaho. The hunters put the knives through their paces to bring you these honest reviews. ** Fair Warning some of the photos below may  [...]
A Bird Hunters Gift Guide
Its the middle of hunting season. Are you prepared for the unexpected? Keep it simple and stay safe with these hunting essentials: Filson Upland Hunting Vest Bird hunting is a fun and exciting sport for both young and old enthusiasts. A great upland game vest can make your day more enjoyable. The Filson Upland Hunting  [...]
Bow Hunting Gear 101: Elk Calls and Scent Lock Clothing
If you play the wind right the clothes your wearing might be sufficient. Are they scent free? How about UV rays? Can your clothes give off your location to game? So if your fooling the elk by concealing yourself in camo and scent lock, can you also imitate an elk and lure them into you  [...]
Bow Hunting Considerations
Bow Hunting can be a very fun sport for the archery enthusiast. Whether stalking a mule deer in the sage, Elk in the lodgepole pine, or Antelope in the desert, there are things to consider for each game species. Hunting from a tree stand or stalking, water source, food source, bedding, and during the rut,  [...]