• Kenneth Pickens

    I grew up on a large ranch in Colorado and we prohibited both bow and rifle hunting of Deer on our property. When hunting season started they congregated by the thousands on our land around a lake and the day it was over they dispersed. There was not an over population of Deer then, they did not destroy crops or meadow land, ocasionally one poor Deer would get tangled up in our barbed wire fence and die but they were beautiful animals. Not once did they SHOOT AT US, kill livestock, take excessive hay and in fact they were simply a joy that we chose to feed in brutal winters. They are not bright animals and unless you are like we were they have a heathy fear of humans. It is hard for me to believe there is any joy in the diligent stalking and death of a glorious trophy animal that has survived mankind and this many brutal winters, arid hot high altitude summers, fires, lightening storms, disease, breeding seasons only to suffer the fate of a silient death he had no chance to conquer or avoid. KWP