Mick Fanning Has Shark Encounter During Finals at J-Bay

Fanning J-Bay Beautique Photo

Professional surfer Mick Fanning had a unique encounter with a great white shark today while competing in the World Surf League competition at the legendary Jeffreys Bay. Fanning and (Julian) Wilson were in the water during the final event of the competition when a shark approached Mick from behind.

Mick Fanning Shark Video Clip

Surfers in the area and around the world know that sharks, dolphins, whales and a whole plethora or marine life live in the ocean. We are lucky enough to be able to play in THEIR environment.

Unfortunately thanks to Hollywood and the news media sharks have been deemed as bad, when in fact the Hawaiians believe sharks to be god’s or Aumakuas..

Personally I am glad to see Mick escaped without so much as a scratch, if the shark had wanted him for dinner that easily could have happened. This won’t keep me out of the water, and odds are Mick either.

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