The Best Denver Skate Spots You May or May Not Know..

Denver Skate Spots

While skate parks are obviously fun to skate, all you skateboarders reading this know that nothing really compares to true-to-life street spots. The creativity and ingenuity that goes into skating a street spot combined with the thrill of skating on something that was not designed to be skated on is what makes street skating so much fun in my opinion.

Most big cities have a pretty decent selection of skate spots, but downtown Denver has more than most. The best way to find spots is to either meet up with local skaters who knows the area or just skate around the city without a clear cut plan.

Denver skate spots are sure to offer up a handful of ledges, stair sets, rails, banks, and nearly any other obstacle that you can think of no matter where in the city you are. Sure, some of them are skate-stopped, but most of the good ones are thankfully knob-free.

Better yet, the cops in Denver, while still cops, are definitely a little more easygoing than those in some cities I’ve skated in. They won’t let you off the hook but you should be able to get fairly lengthy sessions in no matter what part of the city you’re skating before getting busted.

Denver Skate Spots

There are a few specific skate spots that you’ll want to check out if you’re stopping through Denver.

#1. Colfax Elementary School is a great place to start (after school hours, of course) as the spot has a few great little stair sets, a bank or two, and a couple of perfect ledges. It also has three ultra-smooth benches in a row, which make it a great spot for filming lines.

#2. On Colfax and Broadway, near the Capitol Building, there are a few tasty brick banks and ledges just off the street at the Colorado History Museum. Skate a block or two in either direction and even more ledges and a few stair sets open up. On the opposite side of the street, there is a clearly visible granite stair set with accompanying ledges.

#3. The ten-star set in Civic Center Park is another terrific skate spot, but one that is a little tricky to get any real time on as the coppage is a bit heavy there. Another classic Denver skate spot are the pink ledges at 16th Ave and Lincoln Street.

Basically though, like I mentioned above, Denver is a great spot just to skate in from spot to spot. Pull up nearly anywhere in the city, get out, and skate for a few minutes and you’re sure to find a spot worth hitting at least a few times.

What are your favorite Denver skate spots? Any good ones that you know of that haven’t been knobbed yet? Let us know in the comments below! We’re always looking for great places to skate.

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6 Comments on "The Best Denver Skate Spots You May or May Not Know.."

  1. I got to know where the gap over the side walk is and where that last ledge is at? Please help I needs it bad

  2. It’s more in Littleton then denver, but across the Broadway from Euclid Ave there is a tattoo shop. We call this the Broadway GAP. Behind this tattoo shop is a nice little gap (hence the name “The Broadway GAP”) , there is a great ledge (even though it’s a little crusty), a little tranny on to a fence that we wall ride, another tranny like ramp that has got a ledge like “coping” on top of it (Be careful of the huge crack on one of the sides of it), and another tranny to wall ride at the end of it all at Broadway and Arapahoe.

  3. Hello, I am looking for a particular spot. I have searched for it for a while now and no matter what, I can’t seem to find it. It is a 10 stair with a white handrail.

    In this video, the handrail is seen at 2:22. I really need help, I need to skate this! Thank you for your time

    • I know it’s a full two years later, but I saw your comment and was compelled to watch the video. In case you haven’t found it yet; the hand rail spot from 2:22 is at Valverde Elementary School at the corner of Alameda and Tejon.

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