How to Snowboard Powder

Learning to Snowboard in Deep Powder Snow

The first day riding powder can seem like re-learning how to snowboard. It takes that same excitement and the ability to laugh at your failures as your first snowboarding experience. Once you know how to snowboard in powder your passion for snowboarding will grow tenfold.

Lean Back in Powder

It is important to lean back for balance, way back for extra style and spray. Leaning back prevents the board’s nose from being sucked into the snow and front flipping.

Justin McCarty Having Fun at Beaver Creek Mountain Resort | Photo Mike Hardaker

Justin McCarty making light powder turns at Beaver Mountain Creek Resort

Stay light on your Feet

Soft turns in powder are more natural than digging your edges in on each turn. Save the hard edging for when you are on tougher snow. Powder turns are a beautiful thing on an open, untracked face.

  • Always leaning back.
  • You can see the nose of his board up.
  • His turns are soft

Watch for Obstacles in the Snow

Be careful in powder. It’s fun to haul ass but powder can hide boulders or down trees that will mess up your day. Ideally, you know the terrain beforehand but if not just charge carefully and ride smart. If you are riding powder in the backcountry avalanche safety is your number one priority. If in the resort learn how to snowboard in the trees safely.

Adjust your Stance

Check your gear before going out on a pow-day. Move your stance back. This will make it easier to keep the weight back on the board and your nose up from the snow. You might need a longer snowboard if you adjust your stance and still are front flipping all day.

Ride a Powder Board

Snowboarding powder gives the most surf-like feeling. Another great option is to take a lesson at a local ski resort.  Take a look at our picks for the best powder snowboards of the year for powder specific snowboard shapes.

Powder Day Jacket

Get your outerwear right. Make sure to cover all your gaps to prevent snow leaking in. Connecting your snowboard jacket to your pants or having a one-piece bottom layer will keep you dry and out riding all day.

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