The Electric Skateboard Revolution
Earlier this week we wrote about a new wave of electric cars that will be available to purchase in 2016. However pump the breaks, I want to talk to you about another evolution in electricity, electric skateboards. I had the opportunity to ride two of the more popular models of Electric Skateboards this year and  [...]
The Best Denver Skate Spots You May or May Not Know..
While skate parks are obviously fun to skate, all you skateboarders reading this know that nothing really compares to true-to-life street spots. The creativity and ingenuity that goes into skating a street spot combined with the thrill of skating on something that was not designed to be skated on is what makes street skating so  [...]
5 Unique Spots to Go Skateboarding
Skateboarders are always getting busted by local police and security guards for trying to have a little fun on 4 wheels. When your regular skate spots get burnt and your looking for a change of pace, check out these 5 unique spots to go skateboarding across the globe. Lake Tahoe, CA There are plenty of  [...]
Clint Walker Skatetopia
Check out Clink Walker skateboarding at Skateopia in the CLINT WALKER RAW AMs – INDEPENDENT TRUCKS – Balls of Steel edit. Clint Walker Skatetopia Video Clint Walker is sponsored by Independent Trucks. Checkout our favorite Denver Skate spots in this low down.  [...]
Tom Sims Death Forever a Legend
Sims Snowboards has announced their founder Tom Sims has passed away according to twitter post this morning. Tom was a pioneer in the sports of skateboarding and snowboarding. Having lived in Santa Barbara California since 1971 Tom Sims was fully engrained in the surf skate lifestyle. If not for Tom and his modified snurfer the  [...]
Slow Motion Skateboarding and A Skate Ramp Canvas of Light
Slow motion skateboarding slams, bails, falls and fails filmed with the Redlake N3 high speed video camera between 500 and 1,000 frames per second. Watch closely as the athletes bodies slam into the ground sending shock waves throughout the areas of impact. Couple epic roller blade clips were thrown in for good measure.. Slow Motion  [...]
Skateboarding Is Not A Crime
OAKLAND, CA – The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and the City of Oakland failed to come to an agreement over the use of two skateparks located underneath an elevated section of Interstate 580. Either way we feel skateboarding is not a crime!!! Much to the dismay of the local skate community, the Macarthur Maze  [...]
Summer X Games Skateboard Video
LOS ANGELES, CA – GoPro the leader in HD video image capturing has once again teamed up with ESPN to provide breathtaking on board footage from the Summer X Games. Some of the highlights in the video include skateboarders and bikers dropped into a massive Big Air Jump, something I have no interest in ever  [...]