• AJ E

    It’s more in Littleton then denver, but across the Broadway from Euclid Ave there is a tattoo shop. We call this the Broadway GAP. Behind this tattoo shop is a nice little gap (hence the name “The Broadway GAP”) , there is a great ledge (even though it’s a little crusty), a little tranny on to a fence that we wall ride, another tranny like ramp that has got a ledge like “coping” on top of it (Be careful of the huge crack on one of the sides of it), and another tranny to wall ride at the end of it all at Broadway and Arapahoe.

  • Steven Davis

    Hello, I am looking for a particular spot. I have searched for it for a while now and no matter what, I can’t seem to find it. It is a 10 stair with a white handrail.
    In this video, the handrail is seen at 2:22. I really need help, I need to skate this! Thank you for your time