Three Iconic Athletes Lost to Mother Nature in the Mountains

You love winter; it is your reason for being. You’ve sacrificed job offers, loved ones, and pets to move to a ski town and live your dream life. You’ve found love in the mountains, have made seasonal work your lifestyle, and work overtime so your winter is filled with endless time on the mountain doing what you love most.

But you’ve also struggled with the loss of friends to the unpredictable hand of Mother Nature.

This past week the families of three iconic athletes received the worst news imaginable. Their children had died in avalanches. Skiers, JP Auclair (CAN), Andreas Fransson (SWE), and snowboarder Liz Daley (USA) all tragically lost their lives in avalanches.

Auclair and Fransson were killed in an avalanche that occurred on Mount San Lorenzo, Cochrane, part of the Chilean Aysen region on Monday September 29th. Daley died in an avalanche on Monday in Patagonia. Our hearts go out to their families, friends, and back to mother nature who so innocently reminded us off of the dangers of avalanches.

This sends a shock to the snow sports industry. In a time where we thought avalanche safety had reached a peak with the introduction of ABS bags, high-powered beacons, spinal armor, and high impact helmets, we’ve lost three professional fully equipped athletes. Details of their deaths haven’t been publicly announced yet but we can assume that the athletes were all using some sort of avalanche protective equipment and were fully aware of their dangers.

Let us use this as a reminder to keep safety at the forefront of our adventures. It is the pinnacle piece of equipment that we carry. Safety precaution is a piece of gear that will never fail; you can always count on it. So let us please level risk with safety and move forward into the season with a clear mind and healthy understanding of the unpredictability of Mother Nature.

Let us live a life in the mountains forever, and Let us get lost in Mother Nature, not to it.

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