Park City Mountain Resort Receives Notice to Quit Letter

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PARK CITY, UT – Very few ski resorts in the country offer such easy access from an International Airport to world class skiing and riding as found at Park City Mountain Resort. Within an hour of landing at Salt Lake City International Airport guest can find themselves exploring 3,330 acres of terrain full of champagne powder, runs for the entire family and top notch terrain parks. Both the idyllic town of Park City and the Park City Mountain Resort Notice to Quit have worked hard to create such an incredible brand which is now being threatened by Vail Resorts and Talisker Land Holdings LLC.

We talked with Andy Miller, Communications Managers for Park City Mountain Resort about the current land dispute and recent letter PCMR received from Vail Resorts and how this would affect skiing and riding at the resort in years to come.

Park City Mountain Resort’s turning 50 this year. What sort of plans are in the works for this special occasion?

We’re in in the process of working on that right now. We’re really excited. Our official 50th anniversary day is December 21st, but we’re doing stuff all season long. So basically, anytime anyone comes out over the course of the season they’ll be able to participate in some sort of celebration we’re having. We’ve got some events that are kinda in the hopper, perhaps some special deals and promotions that might go back to the early days of the mountain. I can’t share to many specifics. I’ve been sworn to secrecy, but we’ve got some cool stuff coming up ahead. It starts right around opening day and will continue throughout the season so we’re really excited to celebrate half a century of skiing and snowboarding in one of America’s great ski towns.

What’s your favorite thing about skiing or riding at Park City Mountain Resort?

I think that kinda depends on the day, kinda the mood I’m in. I hate when anybody, tries to be all things to all people but Park City Mountain Resort really does have a lot of great terrain, and a lot great variety in our terrain. If I wanted to come out for a few runs and just feel like getting on the edges we’ve got as many as 50 freshly groomed runs on any given day. If I wanna work at the legs a little more I can get a backcountry type experience by cruising over to the Jupiter Mountain Zone with bowls and great tree skiing, which is a favorite spot for a lot of locals out here. Other than that, I have to say the grilled cheese at Mid-Mountain Lodge.

We understand Park City Mountain Resort received an eviction letter recently, can you tell who that came from and what the letter was about?

I’ll do my best. I’m not the biggest legal expert, so I kind of explain this in broader strokes.

What what we got a couple weeks ago was actually, officially called a Notice to Quit. From what I understand, that’s the first step in that kind of process. This whole lawsuit’s been going on for almost a year and a half now and throughout that time we’ve been assuring pass holders, guests, neighbors and partners here in town that we’re gonna be open for our 50th anniversary season. Vail and Talisker went on the record with a statement, saying that they have no intention to interfere with our our business this season. We’re just looking forward getting things started on November 23rd.

How has the the Notice to Quit letter been received within the community and around town?

I wouldn’t feel comfortable speaking for the entire community or anything like that, but I can tell you we’ve been here for half a century a lot of locals really share a special connection with our mountain. The Park City Ski Team trains here and we host the town race it’s a real fun community atmosphere. We’ve got a lot of programs that are geared towards locals and a lot of grassroots regional local competitions and rail jams. We have a real close connection with a lot of the locals here in town. Something that I think is unique to the three resorts that we have in Park City. So if something were to happen, and we’re a long, long way from that, and we’re quite confidant that it won’t, I think a lot of people would be upset to see anything that would threaten Park City Mountain Resort.

We’ve seen that in conversations I have with people around town. In comments that we get on our blog posts, Facebook and Twitter. People are reaching out and giving us their support, they wanna see the mountain stay right where it is.

As far as the ski runs is that something you own or do you lease through the Forrest Service?

No, its all private land.

Does Park City Mountain Resort lease the land at the base of the ski area?

We own the base area and our base lodge. We own the parking lots and we also own the water and snow making rights. And none of those assets are in any way involved in this lease dispute. So, we own those now and we will own those in perpetuity.

Thanks for taking the time to talk with us Andy

We feel really, really confidant in our merits in the case, we always appreciate hearing support from everybody out here as well. So we do appreciate it.

More info below from a past piece on the merger.

PARK CITY, UT – The Vail Resorts Epic Pass, currently offers unlimited mountain access to resorts in Colorado, California, Europe and the newest addition the Canyons in Park City, Utah for only $689. And the list may be getting larger as earlier this week Vail Resorts sent an eviction letter to Park City Mountain Resort. Does Vail Resorts Now Own Park City Mountain Resort the big question arises..

Statement from Vail Resorts:

“As we have previously stated, under the terms of our agreement with Talisker in connection with our lease of the Canyons, we have assumed oversight of the litigation between Talisker Land Holdings LLC and Park City Mountain Resort. We have an obligation to protect and preserve Talisker’s and our interest in this matter. We are concerned with the behavior that Park City Mountain Resort has demonstrated in this situation. Talisker issued Park City Mountain Resort the Notice to Quit as a necessary legal step to bring this issue to the Court and we anticipate that there will be a number of actions required to bring this dispute to closure. With that said, there is no intent by Talisker to take any action that would prevent PCMR’s ability to operate their resort during the upcoming 2013-2014 ski season. We are very cognizant of the importance of this situation to the entire Park City community and we look forward to bringing this situation and its uncertainty to a conclusion.”

Does Vail Resorts really need to get any bigger? Could this be why Vail Resorts bought land at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort this summer? Is the company focused on quality ski days, real-estate development or are they just interested in taking over the ski industry in North America and beyond?

We tried contacting Park City Mountain Resort’s Communication Manager Andy Miller, however we received an out of office reply. The following is an official statement released from PCMR.

Park City Mountain Resort Statement:

“This week, we received an eviction notice from Vail Resorts. If you ask us, this is nothing more than an attempt to avoid the litigation, already in process – and interfere with our 50th anniversary preparation as guests start turning their attention to where they’ll be buying their passes this winter.

Let’s be clear about a few things. One, we’re completely confident in the merits of our case. Two, we’re not giving into this bullying by Vail. Three, we’ve been here for 50 years and look forward to operating this season, the next 50 seasons, and 50 more after that. We’re not going anywhere, and as you read this we’re planning a full calendar of events, competitions and fun for this winter (and plenty of snow).

That said, we understand there’s still some confusion and uncertainty out there. So just like last season, your 2013-14 PCMR season pass is fully guaranteed: in the unlikely event we have to shut down for all or part of the winter, you get the appropriate refund. No questions asked. And no restrictions.

This is going to be a long process with lots of turns . Hang in there with us, and we’ll continue to keep you updated as it proceeds.

Now that we’ve gotten that off our chest, let’s all get ready for a historic Golden Anniversary season!”

Lets just hope that Vail Resorts has never heard of a place called Mt Baker. Better yet as long as the Park City Mountain Bike Trail system stays in place..

Waiting for product details ...

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