Free Skiing at Snow King

Snow King Mountain Night Skiing is open Tuesday – Saturday 4pm-7pm

JACKSON, WYO – Snow King Mountain is located in Jackson, Wyoming and was the first ski area for community residents. Later overshadowed by the Jackson Hole Ski Area, the Snow King ski area is also known as “Town Hill,” because it has played such an important role in local commerce, recreation and community development.

Town Hill has continued to maintain its reputation by changing to keep pace with the evolutions in the sport. And this year you can get in on the action at the “Building our Base” ceremony with free skiing and snowboarding.

Did someone say FREE?! That’s right… Friday January 16th from 4-7 pm you can celebrate the latest venture of the Jackson community in Snow King Mountain. Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club along with the town of Jackson and Energy Conservation Works has been working together to improve your experience at Town Hill.

New snowmaking and lighting systems are just a part of the result of this 4 million dollar+ investment. There is also new piping, pump stations and a chiller system! The snowmaking infrastructure will be used in the month of November for the 2015 season to extend the months of operation for the nearly 2,000 pass holders and hundreds of uphill skiiers, snowboarders, Alpine and Freeride athletes, winter sports teams from around the country and other outdoor enthusiasts.

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The metal halide lighting system on the Cougar side of the mountain has been replaced with the installation of a Snow Bright magnetic lighting system to deliver 40% more efficient energy and 60% less light pollution for surrounding residents and wildlife. This new lighting system will substantially reduce the detrimental effects of night lights and increase the safety of athlete’s training experience and the pleasure for night riders.

The partnership between Energy Conservation Works, Jackson Hole Ski & Snow Board Club and Snow King Mountain Resort has been a long time coming but the final adjustments have been made to improve the overall experience at Town Hill. And you’re invited to the celebration on Friday night. Don’t miss it!

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