Print is Dead, SNOWBOARD Magazine to Focus on Digital Moving Forward


BOULDER, CO – One of our favorite shred magazines is changing things up a bit moving forward. SNOWBOARD Magazine which started in 2004 is shutting down the print side of the operation to focus on digital content. Ain’t that swell, all kidding aside I welcome SNOWBOARD Magazine into the digital world and look forward to seeing what they can do in this space.

Snowboard Magazine Closed Down Print

It’s ironic as SNOWBOARD Magazine used to have one of the best online snowboard forums for snowboarders to gather and talk shop. Hopefully, with this focus on digital, they will bring that part of the site back as I haven’t been on there in years. Snowboarders need a place to lurk too.

So what’s this mean for the rest of the snowsports media world. You better start paying attention, print is dead. There is a reason the CU School of Journalism shut their doors down in 2011. The Mountain Weekly News was actually approached by the school to ask if these students would be able to intern with us to learn the ins and outs of online journalism.

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“Since its founding, SNOWBOARD has been rooted in quality storytelling and we will continue that tradition in the digital space,” says Online Editor, Jens Heig. “Snowboarding is an experience meant to be shared. Our digital channels allow us to do that, and grow this lifestyle on an unprecedented scale.”

If you are reading this article, most likely you digest a good portion of your news online these days.

Snowboard Magazine was started by an actual snowboarder Mark Sullivan and his wife Liz. Mark had been working in So Cal and got sick and tired of the snowboard industry being based at the beach and most likely being run by a bunch of kooks. So he moved back to the mountains and founded SNOWBOARD MAGAZINE in a mountain town of all places, Sun Valley Idaho. Along with the Sullivan’s the mag had a solid crew to start it off including Gary Hanson, Jeff Baker and many more.

I sure dug riding this SNOWBOARD Mag Unity Coab in Haines, Photo Donnie Holtine | Mountain Weekly News

I sure dug riding this SNOWBOARD Mag Unity Colab in Haines, Photo Donnie Holtine | Mountain Weekly News

What’s next for the snowboard industry.  If these trends continue Transworld Snowboarding will most likely be the next mag on the chopping block. As Brain Farm is out of business now as well.

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