United States Snowboarders Sweep Olympic Snowboard Gold Medals in Half-Pipe & Slopestyle
Pyeongchang,  South Korea – TEAM USA F*CK YEAH.  Huge congratulations goes out to the entire United States Olympic Snowboard Team including gold medal winners, Shaun White, Chloe Kim, Red Gerard and Jamie Anderson for sweeping the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics Snowboard Half-Pipe and Slopestyle events. The first Winter Olympics Gold Medal for the United States,  [...]
2018/19 Splitboard Bindings Reviewed
2019 will see an old manufacture re-enter into the splitboard bindings world in the United States (although this system from K2 has yet to be tested), along with some major updates from current industry leaders. Our picks for the best splitboard bindings of the year are below. If you splitboard you can thank the guys  [...]
Outdoor Retailer 2018 Editor’s Choice Awards
DENVER, CO – Mountain Weekly News is proud to have awarded our annual Editor’s Choice Awards on the show floor of the annual Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show formally known as SIA.  This is some of the hottest 2019 snowboard gear coming to the market for the 2018/19 season. The Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show is an  [...]
2019 Snowboard Previews
DENVER, CO – Are you trying to find pictures of 2019 snowboards, wondering what that new model is going to look like? I spent a few days on the Outdoor Retailer + Snow Show floor taking photos of *just about every single new snowboard I could find on display. Below you can checkout photos of  [...]
So You Wanna be a Hardboot Splitboarder?
Blown ratchets, snapped ladder straps, the clunky inefficiency of having soft boot bindings banging around as I toured uphill. I was tired of the weight, inadequacy and sloppiness of a soft boot touring setup. Working as a splitboard guide I was disgruntled with the setup, switchovers took too long, kicking steps hurt my delicate toes,  [...]
How to Buy Snowboard Boots
Buying a pair of boots can be very overwhelming. This is because you can have an amazing set up, but if the boots are lacking, you can’t utilize any of it fully. A pair of quality, properly fitted boots is essential to having a fun day on the hill. With these tips we will dial  [...]
How To Buy Snowboard Bindings
The third component of a snowboarding setup, bindings are nevertheless of utmost importance. Learn How To Buy Snowboard Bindings below: Buy your boots before you start to look at your binding options. You want as snug a fit as possible and this is hard to come by if you’re trying to match bindings to boots rather  [...]
How to Pick a Snowboard
“Snurfing is skiing, skateboarding and surfing all rolled into one outrageous wintertime sport! Turn a snow covered slope into a snowtime party place. … Available in two models: The Standard and the Super Racing model.” Snowboarding has come a long way from the faddish kid toy a couple crazies in Michigan called surfing on the  [...]