How To Buy a Snowboard Online

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Learn how to buy a snowboard online. With all the progression in snowboarding there are tons of new models, styles and types made for different kinds of riders. So first, you need to know what kind of rider you are so you can get through all the choices without wasting your time.

Think of it this way, you don’t want to purchase a board built for tricks you can’t do, that doesn’t support your needs.

Beginner Snowboard
How to Buy a Snowboard (Beginners)

Lets start with what style of rider you are before learning how to buy a snowboard. Newbie, you may have had a lesson before or need to start with one. Probably hit the mountain 0-3 times.

Intermidate Snowboarder

Intermediate Snowboarder

You may be able to catch a little air, can handle turning in both directions. You probably hit the mountain 3-5 times a year.

Advanced Snowboarder

Advanced Snowboarder

You can ride. And you probably already hit the park and are venturing into the backcountry.

All mountain/freestyle: You use the whole mountain, like to carve and catch air.

Technical: You include tricks in your riding, spins, jumps, grabs, and tear up rails.

Carve/alpine style: You have a need for speed and take up everything the mountain can offer.

How to Buy a Snowboard Online

A few points to keep in mind include:

How wide is the snowboard? This is related to the size of your foot. So, you need a board that keeps your toes out of the snow while turning. Size 10.5 or larger and you’re going to end up on a wide board most likely. Narrow boards are generally better boards (even for beginners). Find the narrowest one that you can for your boot size.

Heavier riders need a board with a stiffer flex. Lighter riders can ride a board with a softer flex.

With your board standing on the end, it should come up somewhere between your chest and forehead. Much of this depends on your riding style. 

What board should I buy?

The combination of your snowboard, boots, and bindings is commonly referred to as your setup.

Before investing in your new setup, it is also important to take your budget into account. Of course, you want a quality snowboard, but you might not want to dish out the big bucks right off the bat. At the same time, too cheap of a board will most likely make the snowboarding experience far less enjoyable than it should be.

Lib Tech Snowboards

Where to Buy a Beginner Snowboard?

Once you narrow down the selection based on function, you can finalize your choice based on the options available. There should be plenty of choices, so stay within your price range and pick a board that expresses your style, a brand you like and a design that motivates you to rip!

If you are brand new to snowboarding, you may want to try out a  couple of different snowboards before you buy them or check out our snowboard reviews. One way to do this is by renting from your local ski area. Rental boards are perfect for beginning snowboarders to get a feel for the slopes on.

Learning how to ride a snowboard is made so much easier when you have the right snowboarding setup. This means that you need to have the right equipment – and also have it set up properly.

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