Depth Perception, a New Snowboard Film from Quiksilver and Travis Rice

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Hold on tight kidos the bangers are back and it looks like Quiksilver is picking up when Brain Farm stopped making movies. Quiksilver, Rubble & Helio Production, CMH Heli and Travis Rice have teamed up to create Depth Perception. Directed by Chip Taylor of Rubble and Chris Murphy of Helio & Company.

Taking place in the heart of snowboarding powder, deep in British Columbia a team of Quiksilver riders including Bryan Fox, Travis Rice, Austen Sweetin, & Robin Van Gyn set off in search of untracked pow and fat pillow lines.

Capping off a historical snow season that began with the release of his highly-anticipated Fourth Phase film, Travis Rice recently chased down some deep late-season powder with CMH Heli at Galena Lodge in beautiful British Columbia. While shooting for a new film, Travis took the opportunity to equip his Karma Grip Extension Cable to capture a new line he’s coined, “Hydro Dojo.”

Travis Rice

Wondering how Travis kept the camera so smooth for these clips? The crew has been using the Karma Grip from GoPro. This unique perspective really show’s how Travis picks his lines down the mountain. The combination of smooth GoPro video capture and Travis’ fluid style makes for an incredible moment high in the Canadian Mountains, $299.99 Karma Grip

Starring: Bryan Fox, Travis Rice, Austen Sweetin, & Robin Van Gyn
Location: CMH Galena
Shot & edited: Rubble & Helio Production
Soundtrack by: Hannah Holbrook & Kishi Bashi
Directed by: Chip Taylor & Chris Murphy

Travis Rice Depth Perception Tour Dates

World Premieres
Oct 16th – Bozeman, Montana
Oct 17th – Jackson, Wyoming

European Tour
Oct 19th – Innsbruck, Austria
October 23 – Munich, Germany
Oct 25th – Moscow, Russia
Oct 27th – London, United Kingdom

North American Tour
Oct 30th – New York City, New York
Nov 6th – Denver, Colorado
Nov 7th – Salt Lake City, Utah
Nov 8th – Newport Beach, California
Nov 9th – San Francisco, California
Nov 10th – Portland, Oregon
Nov 11th – Seattle, Washington
Nov 13th – Vancouver, Canada


Waiting for product details ...

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