How to do a 360 on a Snowboard

Have you ever wanted to know how to do a 360 snowboarding? This is a great trick to practice on a jump, cat track or anywhere for that matter.

How To Do a 360 Snowboarding

Not sure what the heck I’m talking about? A frontside 360 is a 360degree spin over your heels while in the air.

1. Find Comfortable Sized Jump.

Find a jump you feel comfortable hitting and being in the air. Nothing to big to start the 10-15 foot range works wonders. I found learning this trick was easiest going off cat tracks or other natural features, just nothing with too much lip.

2. Speed is your friend

Make sure you have enough momentum to get the entire 360-degree rotation around. With speed you can land in the sweet spot, without speed you risk landing on the deck or flat part of the jump.

3. Approach

Approach the jump from left to right for regular footers or right to left for goofy footers. Regular foot riders lead with their left foot and the front of the board. Goofy foot riders have their right leg leading on the front of the board.

4. Carve Heelside

Carve the takeoff of the jump on your heelside edge. It may seem like cheating but you can start your rotation before you leave the ground. I find this helps to also get the spin started.

5. Knees Bent

Keep your knees bent and bring your legs up towards your chest while leaving the lip. While in the air keep your knees flexible as you are going to want to use them again for your landing.

5. Lead With Shoulder

Lead with your downhill shoulder to initiate the rotation, keeping your eyes over your front arm. Most of this spin will be be blind, meaning you wont see the landing until the last second.

6. Spot Your Landing

Spot your landing with your last 90 degree rotation. It will be hard at first not being able to see the landings but trust yourself, if your trying this trick, have the confidence to know you can land it!!!

7. Land On The Bolts

Stomp your landing with authority. Landing centered on the “Bolts” will help you to ride away smooth and with style. Feel free to claim the trick when you land it clean, I sure do!!

8. No Sitting

Try not to sit, its easy to bail on this trick. Even if you don’t think you have the rotation keep it going and the next thing you know, you’ll be stomping frontside 360’s in no time.

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